Pizza Boy Review

Pizza Boy Review

Nov 21, 2012

Pizza Boy is a food-themed platformer with a retro feel, employing cute, pixelated graphics that are all the rage these days. The object is for our hero to run after the thief who has stolen the pizza. Pizza boy now has to dodge evil dogs, birds and collect as many strawberries and pizza slices along the way.

The storyline is not that compelling, but the eye-friendly graphics of this game begs you to at least stick around and see what lies ahead for our pixelated hero. The details that went into each element and character of the game is nothing short of what one would expect from a paid game. Instead of looking like an excuse for poor graphics, the game’s pixelated style is impressively polished — even for something that is supposed to look like it was made in the 90’s.

As in platformer games, one has to keep moving forward to lead Pizza Boy to victory and on to the next level. In this game, our hero needs to avoid enemies, or kill them by kicking bottles or jumping on them. This takes a bit of practice to perfect, and the first few tries might cost you a life. Lives are in the form of a pizza slice and the player is given three of these at the start of the game, with extra slices found along with the strawberries that our hero must also remember to collect.

Game controls are kept simple in Pizza Boy, with left and right buttons for moving the hero, a Pause/Play button in the middle and the throw/jump controls on the opposite end. The buttons look too tiny that at first I felt like I won’t be able to hit them properly, but as I kept playing, I sort of figured out a way to hit them just right.

The music and sound effects are also reminiscent of the retro platformer era, however this can be turned on or off before the start of the game. This is probably what I enjoyed the most about the game. Both graphics and sound complemented each other well, completing that nostalgic charm. As a child of the 90’s that’s enough to make me like anything.

That’s not to say that this game is not appealing to the younger generation. Pizza Boy is a fun, easy and entertaining game regardless of its retro theme. Yes, the objective may not be too meaningful, and it feels a bit silly to throw bottles at flying birds, but it’s all in good fun.

In a nutshell, Pizza Boy is a great platformer game to purchase, even for first-time players with no attachment to 16-bit game interfaces. However, the retro theme is there to appeal to a specific audience, so it should take to more mature players who just want to take that forgotten road down memory lane and experience old school gaming with new school devices. Regardless of the player, Pizza Boy guarantees a solid platformer gaming experience that is way ahead of other games of its kind.