Pizza vs. Skeletons Review

Pizza vs. Skeletons Review

Feb 6, 2013

The Play Store is littered with titles that evoke conflict. Birds versus Pigs. Plants versus Zombies. (Hand) Ninjas versus Fruit. Well, here is the next chapter in psychotic handheld gaming platforms.

Pizza vs. Skeletons undoubtedly holds the crown for the wackiest game of the year. The good thing is that “wacky” is almost definitely, so this trip down the rabbit hole mind of Riverman Media (ported to Android by G-Gee) will probably be appreciated by the Android gaming universe.

The promo says it all, really. You are BIG. You are TASTY… and in this case, the developer is not referencing a menacing professional wrestler from the 70s. Not at all. We are talking about pizza making war on bones.

The game was a fairly heavy hefty download, rolling in at just under 317 MB of extra data, so I was looking for a good bit of accompanying goodness, especially since I was dealing with pizza I couldn’t eat. Pizza vs. Skeletons satisfied me with its opening gambit, which was to set the stage for the battle via cutscenes.

I called the shots with regards to a 25-foot pizza that really had it out for skeletons of just about every type. As a side scroller, most of my days comprised of finding and destroying skeletal undead by using my pizza as a battering ram. The game gradually introduced me to new skills and controls. It started easy, and began to get harder, with smarter opponents and the occasional boss. Upon the completion of any given level I got to spin a wheel for game rewards, and earned stats for performance (three was really good).

The game was a riot of colors, and was chock-full of some of the wildest looking scenery one could find.The animations were fairly sharp; I don’t think it is easy to anthropomorphize a pizza, but somehow, some way, the developer did it, and the game scenery definitely helped. The pizza mayhem-maker could be customized with earned cash.

As I mentioned during an earlier review, I was not keen on having to register with G-Gee. I also thought that some sequences seemed a bit repetitive, which is somewhat persnickety on my part, since I think the game is a great time waster. Still, this game had me rooting for pizza… like I needed any help.