CES 2012: Phorus Introduces PlayCast Speaker and Receiver

CES 2012: Phorus Introduces PlayCast Speaker and Receiver

Jan 12, 2012

Why should iOS devices have all the wireless audio beaming fun? There’s AirPlay this, AirPort speakers that, and the Apple TV, which is basically an iPod touch that Apple repurposed into a streaming media player. However, over in the land of green robots, Android owners have typically had to hook their phones up to speakers with wires like some kind of barbarian. There are some apps that can utilize AirPlay, but only in limited, unofficial fashion due to Apple’s control over their protocols.

Android owners deserve better! Phorus is introducing products to make this a reality for Android owners: 802.11n-capable wifi audio devices for use with Android phones. The PlayCast Speaker is a wifi-enabled speaker that Android phones can connect to through the upcoming PlayCast app, and can play music with lossless audio, and the ability to adjust volume from the PlayCast app. Multiple PlayCast speakers can be set up on the same network, and can be set to play the same music on them, all synchronized together. They can also play music independently. The PlayCast Speaker will be available for $199 in March.

The PlayCast Receiver is designed for those who have a speaker setup that they would like to integrate with PlayCast. The receiver works exactly the same as the PlayCast Speaker, with the added ability to connect via Bluetooth. This means that any music app can take advantage of PlayCast via the Receiver, and can operate over the PlayCast network. The PlayCast Receiver will be available in March for $149.

The PlayCast App will be free, and will offer not just music library indexing and playback, but also claims to support several streaming music services, which will be streamable to PlayCast speakers in the same lossless quality.

Android has had a lack of high-quality, high-end accessories that iOS has enjoyed, despite the sheer number of Android devices out there. This is a curious gambit from Phorus, and it will be interesting to see if users, will be interested in picking these up in the way that iOS users have made accessories like these a lucrative market.