Android Tablet Twitter App Rundown

Android Tablet Twitter App Rundown

Jul 28, 2011

Having just acquired an Android tablet (the Motorola Xoom), my first goal? Find some worthy Twitter apps to download so I could get my tweet on! Finding these apps was difficult, in part because the phone apps are listed the same with tablet apps, and there’s no easy distinction between non-tablet and tablet-optimized apps. After some searching and vigorous testing, here is a rundown on the basics of some tablet-compatible apps, and some phone apps’ usability on tablets.

TweetComb: This app features a multiple column interface similar to TweetDeck’s desktop and iPad incarnations. The three columns list the main timeline, mentions, and direct messages, with a separate page for list viewing. There’s no pull-to-refresh, though there is a refresh button for each column, and a button to snap to the top. The app supports notifications, but does not support any kind of picture or video uploading. None at all.

TweetCaster: This app eschews the multiple column display for a single column of tweets. The application supports inline previews of media and conversation views, which is the strength of the app. The app lacks any kind of snap to top feature in the tablet version, and exiting the app kicks it out to the phone version with seemingly no way to revert to the tablet version. As soon as that glitch popped up, I found myself not returning to this app.

Plume: This app blends features of both multi and single column apps; in landscape mode the app is a multiple column interface, shifting to a single column mode when a tweet is tapped, and offering a larger display of the selected tweet. The app also supports a single column mode for portrait display. This is probably my preferred application going forward, and as it provides the most and best-working features of other apps I’ve tried.

The phone-optimized apps also work, and for those who want to view a lot of tweets at a time, then Twitter for Android and TweetDeck work well for this purpose, though their interfaces are hardly optimized for tablets. Still, these apps have a lot of features, and could be useful on tablets for power users.

Have I missed a worthy tablet app for tweeting? Leave your thoughts in the comments below, or send a tweet to @AndroidRundown!