Friday Free App Rundown January 18 – Frog Games

Friday Free App Rundown January 18 – Frog Games

Jan 18, 2013

Cartoon frogs are cute little things. Even from way back in the day when Frogger was popular, people really liked playing frog games. Having better graphics, the frogs got cuter and more fun over time. The list below is several different types of games involving frogs. They range anywhere from frog adaptations of other games to brain teasers to having them as pets.

Angry Frogs

Angry Frogs is a reptile adaptation of Angry Birds. The premise of the games really the same except for shooting frogs from a slingshot instead of birds. Instead of those ugly noisy mean pigs, there are snakes. They kinda look like cobras. Take a little time and master the art of flinging frogs through the air.

Download Angry Frogs

Pocket Frogs

Ever had a pet frog in a jar? Well this is a much more humane way to have pet frogs. Unlike real pets, making these frogs race for rewards is not an underground sport. Tons of different frogs and habitats are available for purchase. Some the habitats can be a little more expensive but well worth the purchase.

Download Pocket Frogs

Frog Race 3D

Frauds running across the road trying to survive is a classic theme for games with amphibious creatures. This is a lot like the classic Atari game Frogger but it’s hard to die and the levels are not a single highway. The levels are actually extremely long. What’s cool about Frog Race 3D is there can be up to three players on a single device.

Download Frog Race 3D

Frog Toss!

Frog Toss! is almost like a carnival game. The goal is to aim the frog and hit the lily pad. Certainly lily pads have different rewards on the. Frog Toss! is a bit harder than it looks. him and him upgrades and obstacles make the game a lot more fun than what you play at the fair.

Download Frog Toss!

Frog Jump in Maze

Help the overly anxious and smiley frog gets the worm. This is more of a puzzle game than others on the list. It will take a little bit of brain power to help this little guy get to the end of the maze. It can get pretty difficult.

Download Frog Jump in Maze

NimbleBit’s New Game Pocket Planes is Coming to Android Soon

NimbleBit’s New Game Pocket Planes is Coming to Android Soon

May 23, 2012

NimbleBit’s followup to the smash hit Tiny Tower is coming very soon – and it’s coming to Android very soon to boot. Pocket Planes, which has a new trailer available, shares a pixel art style with Tiny Tower, but is a more invovled game. The goal is to grow an airline, flying customers from airport to airport, managing the various routes to make money. New destinations can be unlocked as the game progresses, allowing players to fly routes around the world in over 250 cities. There are a wide variety of planes that can be unlocked, each with different stats and customization schemes. As well, NimbleBit is promising more social features will be involved in the game, with the ability to trade plane parts and compete in events with players around the world.

This is the first NimbleBit social game to be announced for iOS and Android; both Pocket Frogs and Tiny Tower’s announcements came at a period of time after the iOS launches. According to NimbleBit’s Dave Marsh, Mobage will be publishing the Android version of Pocket Planes, similar to Tiny Tower. It’s unknown if the game will be a simultaneous iOS and Android launch, but it does appear to be a possibility. Pocket Planes is coming soon, and we’ll have more on this game as it nears release.

Pocket Frogs Review

Like frogs? Like digital pets? Then chances are you’ll enjoy Pocket Frogs. It’s a pretty simple set-up with no story to speak of, and the premise is simply that you have digital frogs in your pocket.

After you get past the mandatory account sign-up (it is a free app after all), play begins with your two starter frogs hopping around in their habitat. You can tap on a frog to read its info and stats, move it from place to place, give it potions to boost its Happiness, or bring it to the pond. At the pond you can tap on lily pads to make the frogs jump across the dragonflies which are flying around, and thus eat them. Feeding the frogs raises their Happiness meter, and hopping them around also “tames” them, allowing you to breed them with any frogs you may run across. The aim seems to be maintaining the Happiness of the frogs. Aside from feeding, you can do this by playing two mini games: a race, or a puzzle. Your success in the races depends on your frog’s Happiness, so make sure to keep him fed before competing. The puzzle I found to be impossibly difficult, and not really much fun as a result.

The point of the app is mating your frogs with others to create new breeds, to add them to your catalog and increase your net number of frogs. You can earn trophies for success in taming and breeding your frogs. Your catalog of frogs grows as you blend them, and there is a status meter to show what percentage of possible breed options you have achieved. Collecting frogs earns you trophies. In game, you can also earn coins, stamps and potions, all used to increase your frogs’ quality of life. You start off with a certain number of coins, and they are actually required if you want to breed your frogs. The items you can purchase are simple decorations for the habitats, or food, or new backgrounds.

This app is cute, and I do like frogs, so I was happy to try it out. There is something strangely soothing about hopping the frogs around their pond, and you can’t help but feel a thrill when you create a new breed. The frogs themselves are very cute, and it’s relaxing to watch them hop around.

However, I have more than a few issues with it. The game only has one physical template for the frogs (cute as it may be), so your options are really a difference between colour gradients, and the creative names the game designers came up with. So if you’re hoping to see some Pokemon-style action and breed new and amazing frog varieties, you will be disappointed. When you “buy” items for your frogs you are forced to spend 30 minutes real time waiting for them to download, unless you spend stamps to expedite the shipping. It’s a frustrating feature which adds nothing to the game.

And my final complaint is a big one: the game requires network access at all time. My metric for a lot of game-type apps will be whether or not I can play them while commuting, and Pocket Frogs cannot be played on the subway, or in areas with low signal. After trying unsuccessfully to connect a few times I’ve had enough. The cuteness of the frogs is outweighed by the demands of the app.

ngmoco:) Inks Deal to Bring Mobage Games to AT&T Subscribers

ngmoco:) Inks Deal to Bring Mobage Games to AT&T Subscribers

Aug 5, 2011

AT&T and social gaming publisher ngmoco have announced a partnership that will bring Mobage social games (from ngmoco’s parent company DeNA) to AT&T Android customers. The app will apparently be available through the Android Market, but may be restricted to AT&T customers. Carriers have the ability to restrict the display of certain apps on the Market to users, and to display certain apps to certain carriers. This may be the groundwork for games like Pocket Frogs, previously announced for Android via Mobage’s tools, to be released to Android owners for the first time. As well, over 100 other games were promised through Mobage when Pocket Frogs was announced, so AT&T owners may soon be getting their hands on a bunch of these titles. AT&T has been making a bigger commitment to gaming, as evidenced by this, their partnership with OpenFeint, and the upcoming release of the Xperia Play on their network.

Source: Android Central

Pocket Frogs Leapfrogging on to Android

Pocket Frogs Leapfrogging on to Android

Jun 28, 2011

One of iOS’ most original and popular freemium games is hopping over to Android. Pocket Frogs from NimbleBit is coming soon to Android, in association with ngmoco and the Mobage tool kit.

The game, a spinoff of NimbleBit’s iOS game Dizzypad, which featured frogs of different designs, is based entirely around collecting frogs. They must be caught, raised, and bred with each other to birth newer, prettier frogs, and the cycle thus continues! Tadpoles must be fed and raised to become adult frogs, and the adult frogs must be fed, so they can be bred with other frogs to make new frogs with rarer designs. The game features actual gameplay to it, as there are segments where players can hop around lily pads to collect food, and mate with other frogs. NimbleBit’s strength with freemium games is to not make users feel like they have to spend money on the game; both this and their recently-released Tiny Tower on iOS both succeed at this aspect, particularly in that they actually give out the purchasable currency through in-game tasks. This isn’t just another farming sim that is designed to extract money straight from users’ wallets.

The game is being brought to Android through ngmoco corporate parent DeNA’s Mobage tools for porting games to Android. The press release claims that over 100 other games are coming to Android through the Mobage tools. Ian Marsh of NimbleBit says “An Android version of Pocket Frogs has been one the most requested things from our fans. Working with ngmoco and the Mobage platform allows us to bring Pocket Frogs to a larger audience with a streamlined publishing process.”

The iOS version authenticates via Plus+ and Game Center, so similar to StarDunk, it likely won’t support loading of iOS user profiles. No release date has been given for the game, but this is one to be excited about.

Source: Android Central