Pocket Harvest Review

Pocket Harvest Review

Nov 15, 2013

Pocket Harvest’s premise will be familiar to anyone who’s played Harvest Moon. Players are given control of a small, struggling farm, with few staff and next to no resources. Before long though, the farm will be bustling with a huge variety of crops, animals, attractions and even tourists.

Building the farm couldn’t be easier. Fields are placed one by one depending on what kind of crop they grow. Worker houses are placed nearby and if they are close enough the worker will tend the fields, sell the crops and earn cash. Of course there are many things that affect how much money they’ll make, such as the moisture of the field, the worker’s skill at harvesting, how well cultivated the crop is and so on.

Screenshot_2013-11-11-16-25-13As the game goes on, new crops and items are unlocked on a nearly constant basis, always giving the player something new to see or build. Buying new land and expanding the farm often unlocks new items as well, including animals. Animals work much like crop fields and are a bit too static. It would be nice if they acted like real animals.

Just about everything in Pocket Harvest can be upgraded. Crops can be cultivated, this has a chance of improving their stats so they sell for more money and win competitions. Cultivating is easier to achieve with a knowledgeable staff member items can be earned that boost staff stats to make them better workers. This constant drive to improve everything makes the game very addictive. There is not a hint of microtransactions anywhere either; every bit of profit comes from good old fashioned smart gameplay.

Besides the pure farming aspect of the game, the farm can attract tourists for extra cash. After researching buildings like gift shops and photoboards, people will visit your farm by the dozen, earning even more money.

Screenshot_2013-11-11-18-25-34While the way to grow their farm is up to the player, the game rewards smart placement of buildings with a combo that boosts the building’s yields or give other bonuses, such as a Juice Shop with a lot of fruit fields around it or a Campground and a Photoboard.

Graphically, Pocket Harvest is the same as any Kairosoft game. Lots of cute pixelated people, lots of detailed, personality laden buildings. This style still looks good but is getting a bit old.

Unfortunately, Pocket Harvest is severely lacking in the sound department. Besides some forgettable music the only other sound in the game is a few different fanfares for successful cultivation and the like. There are no sound effects whatsoever. So much could have been done with the sound in a game about farming.

Pocket Harvest will likely stay on your device for a long time. The constant stream of new content and sheer fun of the game make it hard to stop playing.