Pocket Trains Review

Pocket Trains Review

Oct 22, 2013

Pocket Trains offers players the chance to run their own pocket-based railway line. But how does it play?

Pocket Trains is all about transport. Once a starting city has been picked, players transport cargo, build new railways and expand. there is no overarching goal in Pocket Trains. you just build as big as you can.

Each city in Pocket Trains has a number of jobs on offer. Jobs consist of delivering different amounts of cargo to a city. Completing jobs earns coins. Coins are used to build new stations so trains can deliver to more cities and buying rights to use railway lines.

Screenshot_2013-10-16-10-13-17Each train in Pocket Trains is tied to a certain stretch of track. Each time a new station is unlocked, the track leading to it can be assigned to one of your trains. A relay system is needed to transport cargo long distances if the destination is on another stretch of track.

Players can also construct their own trains. It is important to keep building new trains as your railway expands so trains can transport things effectively.

Screenshot_2013-10-15-11-26-04Graphics wise Pocket Trains is cute, but not outstanding. It’s fun to see all the different types of cargo thundering along in train cars and the colourful, easy to use menus are easy on the eyes too.

Soundwise the game is pretty average, there really isn’t much to hear except the click-clack of your trains and a few snatches of county style music.

On the whole Pocket Trains is enjoyable if a bit like busywork. It requires a lot of micromanagement and frequent short bouts of gameplay. The gameplay doesn’t change much from the start of the game and this leads to it becoming repetitive rather quickly.

Unfortunately, Pocket Trains has a lot of ways to take your money. Not only does the game attempt to sell you crates for parts, it also charges you Bux, another premium currency to open those crates. Stockyards likewise are next to useless until upgraded with Bux. Lastly, trains need to refuel every few trips; another pointless timer and trains often break down, necessitating an expensive repair using your precious coins. Pocket Trains just has far too many ways to take money and really doesn’t provide that much fun in compensation.

This IAP fest is alleviated somewhat by the rather large amount of free Bux you can earn. Occasionally you’ll see jobs with a price in Bux rather than coins. Get them to their destination and you’ll earn a few. This isn’t remotely enough to buy everything you need to however.

Pocket Trains is a decent take on transport management with a fair bit of depth and it can be fun to reason out how to run your trains most effectively, but unfortunately the vast sea of unavoidable IAP and the game’s repetitiveness really put a damper on any fun faster than a speeding locomotive.

Pocket Trains Now Available on Android

Pocket Trains Now Available on Android

Sep 26, 2013

NimbleBit’s latest simulation game featuring the bitizens, Pocket Trains, is now available. This represents a first for NimbleBit on Android as the game has launched day-and-date with the iOS version. As well, the game has been self-published by NimbleBit instead of going through Mobage for the Android version. We’ll have a review soon, until then watch the funny debut trailer and some hands-on footage of the iOS version below.