Pocket Gets Update

Pocket Gets Update

Dec 9, 2015

Renown news collection application Pocket is getting better via an update rolling out now.

What’s New

Pocket 6.1.1 makes your Recommended feed even more personal:
Follow your friends and other interesting people to see what they’re recommending on Pocket.
Recommend the most interesting things you’re reading and watching in Pocket to those that follow you, by tapping the Recommend button on any item in your List.
Important Note: Your saves to Pocket are (and always will remain) private. Only items you recommend will appear in your profile and in your followers’ Recommended feeds.

It remains free with in-app purchasing opportunities.

Pocket Gets Update

Pocket Gets Update

Nov 26, 2014

Pocket, the nifty, popular web article saving utility from Read It Later, has just received an update.

It boasts “new simple, modern, and bold visual design, support for Android 5.0 (Lollipop), (and) bug fixes and improvement.

Pocket remains free (with optional in-app purchasing) on the Play Store.

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Pocket Dock-It

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Pocket Dock-It

Sep 3, 2014

Unfortunately, for all of the wondrous computing power of our smartphones, there is one major setback and that is, has been, and likely always will be, battery performance. Heading over to a friend or relative’s house for a few hours or nights usually involves packing a phone charger before anything else. Regardless of what those Samsung commercials tell you, all smartphone batteries are not doing so hot after a full work-day of use. The standardization of micro-USB charging ports has been a godsend for the smartphone industry, but that does not solve the responsibility of having to keep track of both the cord and the wall adapter.

This week we shine the spotlight on a great new KickStarter campaign that makes traveling with a smartphone just a bit easier. The Pocket Dock-It is, in its simplest definition, a wall plug that has a charging port built right in. The micro-USB, or Lightning connector for iPhone users, flips up and rests at an angle which allows the phone to rest against the wall that the outlet is attached to. My first reaction is that this did not seem very practical for most uses because a lot of people have their phones plugged into wall outlets that reside behind furniture or on extension lines. This is all true, but it is not what the Pocket Dock-It is for. When traveling, just grabbing this little guy out of the drawer is much easier than fumbling behind the bed-side table for the USB cable and wall connector which then has to be reconnected upon returning from the trip.

Another use for the Pocket Dock-It is for places where your phone could use a charging, but the surface may not be present or is not suitable for a delicate smartphone. I know that in my kitchen by the sink there is an outlet on the wall and I could definitely see myself using this product as a way to keep my phone visible, but out of harms way at the same time. Another such location would be the garage work bench which can get dirty in a hurry and is not a place where I would want to leave a piece of tech that costs nearly $800.

The Pocket Dock-It can be ordered at the discounted price of a $30 donation, but this package is only available in limited quantities and there are already over 980 of the 1000 spots taken. I encourage a visit to their KickStarter page to see if the Pocket Dock-It is a product that, while not revolutionary, is deserving of being funded successfully.

Pocket Gets Update

Pocket Gets Update

Aug 30, 2014

Pocket, the insanely popular web article curating app that allows users to clip interesting content for perusal later, has just received a big update.

Version 5.6.6 brings the ability for users to predetermine how much space Pocket uses to store data. This sounds like a great feature for folks that might have device storage concerns.

Additionally, a couple of fixes are listed. First, previously downloaded content is not properly discarded when archived or deleted. After this upgrade, Pocket will reclaim freed storage.

The second fix has to do with a crash that occurs when one tried to listen to some articles.

Lastly, there are some improvements, specifically the replacement of confirmation prompts during deletion with an undo toggle and an improved Evernote sharing process that includes images and rich text.

Pocket is available for free (with optional in-app purchases) on the Play Store.

Pocket Introduces Pocket Premium, a New Subscription Plan with Added Features

Pocket Introduces Pocket Premium, a New Subscription Plan with Added Features

May 28, 2014

Pocket, the service for saving articles, videos, and other media for later consumption, has introduced new subscription plans. Pocket Premium lets users save articles and web pages to their account permanently, even if they get taken offline. A subscription to Premium makes all saved items permanent. As well, there’s improved search options, and suggested tags available for Premium users. Pocket Premium costs $4.99 per month, or $4.99 per year, and can be purchased via IAP. The update to Pocket is available now on Google Play.

Read It Later is Now Pocket, and Has a New App

Read It Later is Now Pocket, and Has a New App

Apr 17, 2012

Read It Later has a new app launching, and with it a brand new name: Pocket. What this brings is a brand new stylistic interface, one that aims to help users keep track of their favorite content across devices easier.

The new interface features a new view that integrates images and video previews to give a visual identity to items saved to the service. It’s also possible to switch to a simple list as well. Videos from services like Vimeo and YouTube can be called up in an HTML5 player directly in the app, instead of having to watch the video on the website itself. Filtering for just articles, images, and videos is available, and items can be tagged and filtered by these tags.

Pocket still works with old Read It Later accounts, and any app that integrated with Read It Later such as Tweetbot will find that the functionality still works the same as it did before the name change. Pocket is now completely free and ad-free for all platforms, eschewing the free/paid model the apps previously used. The new app is available as an update to existing Read It Later apps on Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.

Pocket League Story Review

Pocket League Story Review

Nov 7, 2011

Being a longtime FIFA Manager mode enthusiast, I’ve been looking for a similar experience on my phone for a while. While not being a perfect fit, it’s safe to say that Pocket League Story does provide enough content to tide the FIFA fan over until they get home to their consoles.

Pocket League Story puts you, a new manager, at the helm of a newly formed team as they slowly work their way up from unknown to a worldwide powerhouse. You achieve this in the predictable way of signing and developing players, building a fan base, and, of course, winning games. The game does a good job of speeding things up, the leagues generally only contain about 5 or 6 teams and you only play each team once. Finishing first will earn you a promotion to a better league, and after two or three seasons the process repeats. A good addition is the ability to play in single games during the offseason to earn some more experience and money.

While you cannot participate in games, each game is shown live for you to watch. This is the most impressive part of the app because these games are generally very entertaining and incredibly true to life in terms of positioning and decisions. It would be nice, however, to be able to skip this presentation. Every game earns or costs you fans, support, and money adding a good touch of realism.

The cartoony, manga-inspired art design might turn people off and the game is not as deep as other similar apps. There seems to be a kind of confusion about what exactly this game wants to be; it’s not deep enough to completely satisfy hardcore Manager Mode fans, but it’s too deep for casual fans. For example, training points are earned throughout the game for special practice sessions which must be carried out individually, but there is no control over how much to offer a player that you’re looking to pick up.

All that aside, this game is worth looking at for any soccer fan if you feel that the $4.99 price is worth it.