EA Launches Official Pogo App for Android

EA Launches Official Pogo App for Android

Apr 17, 2012

EA has launched the first app version of their web games portal Pogo, with a new app available for Android. This app contains five total games, four available initially with an extra unlockable game. All games have leaderboards that can be accessed by logging in to a Pogo account.

Sweet Tooth 2 is a match-3 game where the goal is to make a match involving every tile on the board. These background tiles are all caramels, and all the game pieces are candy, and there’s a cartoon tooth motivating the player. When he starts crying, it’s really sad!

Word Whomp gives players 6 letters that are scrambled from a 6-letter word, then they have a couple minutes to figure out all the words that can be formed from the permutation of those letters, including that original 6-letter word. Oh, and all the letters are held by gophers who respond with joy when a good word is formed, or disapprovingly when a wrong word is formed. Maybe I’m just projecting, but using an inappropriate word seems to make the gophers really angry.

Poppit has players trying to pop balloons of the same color that are adjacent to each other on the playing field. The ultimate goal is to free all 8 of the gifts trapped in balloons on the playing field.

Finally, Turbo 21 is a fast-paced Blackjack game, where players have 4 hands at a time to play. The goal is to try and make as many possible hands of 21 from the 52 cards dealt, with points given for making hands and playing quickly.

As well, there’s the option for Pogo Club members and Premium Players to unlock World Class Solitare in the app. The premium upgrade costs $1.99 plus tax, and disables ads as well. The app is available now from Google Play; Kindle Fire owners are out of luck as the app is not yet available on the Amazon Appstore.