Smash Cops Heat Review

Smash Cops Heat Review

Aug 12, 2013

Cops always get a short end of the stick. At the very least, you should beat them in driving. At most – with a nine iron. So, it’s always interesting to peak at the other side of the fence, and play as a keeper of justice for once. In Smash Cops Heat, we are given an iron badge and a fast car, and are tasked with performing rundowns and arrests. The whole game is a bit like playing cop missions in GTA, and damn if it isn’t enough.

There are two ways of controlling the car, and they both are very simple. The first one is by pressing behind the car and moving finger to the opposite side from where it should turn – kind of like holding the car by its trunk. Personally, I liked the more traditional virtual stick a lot better. There are two other buttons. First, “Super Cop” simply makes the car indestructible and very heavy for a short time, while other does a split-second boost that allows to ram an opponent off the road. It recharges a couple of seconds, but can be activated at any time, spending an “insta-ram” point, which are gathered across the missions or purchased with real money, just like the “super cop” power-up.

Smash Cops Heat 2Most of the levels in Smash Cops Heat require busting a suspect’s car by ramming into it, or getting to a specific location in a limited time. All missions are rated, based on how fast the mission was completed, and how successful and careful the player was. Up to five stars are awarded for each mission, and collecting them unlocks various bonuses, the best of them being new, faster and more powerful cars. There are also collectible doughnut pieces that can unlock additional bonuses when collected. Although the game is free-to-play, I didn’t notice a strong pay-wall. Although the missions do get more and more difficult, they are still passable. Especially so, if the player tries to collect all of the stars and doughnuts available, thus getting a faster vehicle.

All in all, Smash Cops Heat is very entertaining, and has great graphics, and smooth gameplay. It’s not very varied gameplay-wise, and car physical models are almost laughable, but great mechanics, and a relatively big city, help Smash Cops Heat stay interesting.