What A Cult Review

What A Cult Review

Nov 27, 2012

Pop culture is big business. There are whole television shows and even stations dedicated to popular culture. What A Cult is here to test that knowledge. Think of What A Cult is kind of a like Wheel of Fortune without the wheel. The way that works is pictures shown or a question is asked. The answer is blanked out but the number of letters and how many words is still shown. To solve the challenge, type in the answer.

As the answer is being typed in, all of the common letters are filled then. What I mean is if you type in the letter E, all of the Es in the answer will be filled in. A time limit is imposed as well as a limitation on the number of incorrect letter attempts. The incorrect letter limitation creates quite a challenge. First of all make sure the spelling is correct is essential and if players have no idea what the answer is, they can’t just hit random letters until the answer spelled out.

In the settings of What A Cult, the categories for the questions can be clicked on and off. For example, if the people playing are not well read, the category for books can be deselected.

The questions in the game can be pretty difficult. For this reason, clues are sometimes available. There are four available clues to choose from. As clues are used, the number of points achieved for finishing the challenge is decreased. Also, all of the clues cannot be seen. Only a couple of them can be seen per challenge.

Playing What A Cult for the first time reminded me of the games you play at bars and restaurants. Using a little controller you’re given a question multiple-choice answers. What A Cult is similar in style to those games with more challenging questions.