KERO Micro-USB Nomad Cable Hardware Review

KERO Micro-USB Nomad Cable Hardware Review

Aug 26, 2014

In today’s world, there is one clear paradigm that is almost universally true: mobility is the name of the game. We all wanna “do” (and “do” well) even when we are on the go. Why should we sacrifice the ability to get things done just because we can’t be physically tethered to a massive work station.

On the other hand, as the concept of mobility evolves, portability becomes just as important of a factor. Now, we also want accessories that match our devices with regards to the ability to be carried around discreetly. Yes, I can carry around a sync cable in my pocket, but the KERO Micro-USB Nomad Charge/Sync Cable is a cut above. In theory, at least.

The review unit KERO sent to us shows the unit in all its glory. It’s relatively small, at just 3″ in length, and stark white in color (it also comes in vivid blue). It is quite light in hand, and the rubber coating is not rough in the slightest.

It is packaged quite simply, and feels like it should be able to withstand regular use without flinching; it helps that the main cabling is quite flexible.


One of the defining features is the set of protective caps that are on each end. The micro side has a simple one, and the standard end doubles as a looped piece that allows it to be attached to something else, like a key-ring or smaller carabiner even. Since the caps aren’t attached to the main body of the cable, the key-ring side serves as a home base of sorts for the unit.

In practice, the unit provides a short leash to power devices that accept micro-USB cables. The short range actually seems to help with charging times; the little gizmo worked faster than my standard cables in my informal testing. It’s also capable of transferring data, which is definitely something that makes it valuable.


It’s biggest strength is probably it’s biggest drawback: it’s really short; as such, when it comes to smartphone and tablets, it just feels a bit better used with an portable power bank or a laptop versus an inflexible wall adapter; still, if being mobile is the end-game, a wall charger might not come into play anyway. I do wish the caps were attached; I have a propensity to lose such small things.

Here’s to affordable portability. The Nomad cable is so smart it’s almost crazy no to get one.

The KERO Nomad is available for $14.99 via the KERO website.