Crowdfunding Spotlight: Hat Cat

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Hat Cat

Jun 20, 2014

With the popularity of Portal and its sequels it is a wonder that there are not more mobile games that are based around this physics warping premise. I have seen a few in development for the PC, but these games offer the ability to bring something truly mind-bending and fresh to the puzzle genera. This week we are shining the Crowdfunding Spotlight on a small game called Hat Cat that attempts to remove the silly ovally confines and gives you an entire resizable box to work with.

Instead of a gun and putting the two portals wherever one pleases, Hat Cat allows the user, with a simple drag of the finger, to place a square on the 2-D screen around the character. When the admirably hatted cat walks into a side of this box it appears on the opposite side inside the box. Essentially once the box is up the cat cannot leave, but one the user removes it the cat is free to roam. What sets it apart is that all four sides of the box can be used, which makes solving more vertical oriented puzzles quite the challenge.

Speaking of those puzzles the difficulty curve in this game is very gradual, but that is not to be confused with easy. The levels become quite diabolical, and force the player to use both axises simultaneously while also balancing the same conservation of momentum laws that govern the Portal series. There is a demo available for the PC and more than anything it illustrates how well this game will transition to the world of touch screens. Simple drag and drop controls are perfect for a game that does not necessarily try to appeal to a hardcore audience.

Hat Cat does not set it’s aim very high, with its target fund only set at $500 to cover the App Store and Google Play fees, and with donations set to $1 and $5 rewards only they certainly are trying to keep expectations tempered. This also means that for just $5 and donor can get their name in the “Special Thanks” screen of the app, which is definitely a pretty cool reward. So, please check out Hat Cat, and help make what has ultimately been a three year dream for a handful of young developers become a mobile success.

Nun Attack Review

Nun Attack Review

Nov 9, 2012

How often are there games where nuns are the main character, let alone where they are shooting everything in sight? Nun Attack is that game. The demo video below shows a pretty good representation of what the game is like. It all starts with one nun with two handguns. She’s kicking butt against evil from a different realm. The skeletons come out of a portal and try to attack the world, but this killer nun will have none of it.

As mentioned in the start of the game there’s one nun to control. She has two handguns and a special ability. As more nuns get unlocked, there’s the option to choose a combination of a couple nuns to attack the level. All of the nuns that are later unlocked as the levels progress also have special abilities. If they weren’t nuns I would call them superpowers but will call the special abilities. For example one of them turns the non-invisible the other has a, for lack of a better term, holographic image of herself to fool the skeletons.

The controls are pretty simple, they consist of tapping and dragging the nun were she needs to be. Whether she is attacking something or simply moving around the screen this is how it’s done. The same controls are used on the map screen for the battle screen. also on the screen, there are different options to activate the special powers or miracles. What’s different about the map screen here is the nuns can actually die on the map screen. There are different portals that will show up the need to be attacked on the map screen itself.

All of the nuns weapons and abilities can be upgraded. The upgrades are able to be purchased using the gold acquired when evil beings are killed. To attack the your characters, drag him nun to area close to the evildoer. To be more accurate and possibly attack from a farther distance, drag the displayed X directly on top of the monster.