Board Game Port ‘Colt Express’ Goes Live on Google Play

Board Game Port ‘Colt Express’ Goes Live on Google Play

Nov 28, 2016

More and more board games are beginning to make it to mobile devices, and Frima Studios and Asmodee Digital are adding another one to the list: Colt Express.

Colt Express comes to smartdevices as a turn-based card strategy game; up to 6 players can battle it out per game. Players move around from train car to train car, and take out opposing players while picking up loot.

To sum up, the game features:
• A wild west themed universe inspired from the original board game, digitally modernized
• A tactical and action-packed gameplay, for intense and unpredictable games
• An extensive Story mode following 6 characters, each with his own objectives and quirks. Available offline and saved the next time you log in.
• Numerous exciting game variants to unlock in Story mode.
• An online Multiplayer Mode
• A worldwide Leaderboard, updated and available in real-time
• A friendlist, with the possibility to play with your friends
• Collectible skins and environments to customize your adventures
• Many Achievements to accomplish, punctuating your exploration of the game

Colt Express costs $6.99, and is available now on Google Play. Check out the trailer below:

Toca Boca Launches Toca Life: Stable

Toca Boca Launches Toca Life: Stable

Nov 23, 2016

Well regarded kid-friendly developer Toca Boca has a new app out on Google Play called Toca Life: Stable.

This one brings one of the most requested subjects to the Toca series: equine care. Yep, horses are front and center in this one, as the player moves on from Stable to Arena and Forest.

Players can record video in-app; there are also 24 characters to interface with. Themed outfits, and more.

– Explore four locations: stable, arena, forest and shop.
– Create stories for 24 new characters plus horses and other animals!
– Care for your horses: feed them, lather them up till they’re nice and clean, brush them.
– Choose outfits from your favorite themes: medieval, western, everyday stable life and fantasy!
– Hop on to ride bikes in the forest and race motorcycles in the arena!
– Set up obstacles and show off your horse’s jumping skills!
– Eat at the food court and use the portable potties!
– Have a campout!
– Snuggle into your sleeping bag to stay warm under the stars!
– Take a canoe ride or swim by a waterfall.
– Make music with magical lily pads!
– Move horses, characters and objects from here to there in the horse transport!
– Record your stories in the app and share with your friends!
– No time limit or high scores — play for as long as you like!
– No third-party advertising

The game is available now, and costs $2.99.

Battleship Lonewolf: Space TD Arrives on Google Play

Battleship Lonewolf: Space TD Arrives on Google Play

Nov 22, 2016

Calling all space captains!

Battleship Lonewolf: Space TD is a new game from indie developer Tabasco, and it is now available on Google Play.

If the graphics are anything to go by, it definitely looks inviting. The outer space motif is clear, and fits with the battling aspect. The animations are fierce, and the sound almost begs for speaker support.

There is backstory, but the core idea is to take command of the spaceship Lone Wolf, and as already hinted, takes on a diverse set of enemies.

There are weapons to add on and upgrade, so as to become more competitive.

Per the play store entry, there are two modes: mission and survival.

This one is a straight shot purchase with no in-app purchases; $2.99 gets you this game.

Notable Board Game Mysterium Due Out on Android this Year

Notable Board Game Mysterium Due Out on Android this Year

Nov 9, 2016

Like board games? Enjoy them on board games? Be on the lookout for Mysterium, due out in December.

The original game, developed by Oleksandr Nevskiy and Oleg Sidorenko, is interestingly based on a murder mystery; it packs in intrigue, a psychic character and the need to guess the details of the crime. The upcoming digitized version sounds similar:

Join the team of the brilliant clairvoyant Mr. MacDowell as a psychic for an exceptional séance! Lend a hand to the ghost haunting the walls of the Warwick Manor in his search for memories of his suspicious death. Read into the ghost’s visions to gather information on numerous leads in this atmospheric, cunning and immersive game. In Mysterium, gamers can also play as the ghost, whose communication with other psychics is limited to visions and dreams represented by beautifully illustrated cards.

The mobile version is being brought to life by Asmodee Digital, a design house that specializes in creating digital versions of board games, and Libellud, a board game publisher. Mysterium will have multiplayer functionality and singular Story Mode and some exclusive features.

The game is slated to cost $6.99; and will have in-app purchase opportunities. It will also be available on iOS and Steam.


Popup Widget 3 Gets Material Design via Update

Popup Widget 3 Gets Material Design via Update

Oct 19, 2016

Popular customization utility Popup Widget 3 (from ChYK) is getting an update that’s rolling out now.

One of the major new features adoption of Material Design; this allows the application to more naturally fit within Google’s design principles.

It also adds a new pop-up feature and new gesture option.

The full changelog can be found on Google Play; Popup Widget 3 costs $1.50.

AccuWeather Adds Crowdsourced Data and More

AccuWeather Adds Crowdsourced Data and More

Oct 12, 2016

AccuWeather for Android is picking up a host of ew features via an update that is rolling out now.

Probably the most interesting new feature is “AccuCast.” This allows a user of the app to report the weather conditions in his/her current location via the app. It also gives users the ability to check what others are reporting on the maps screen.

Samsung users with devices that support Multiview will like that the app now supports that specific functionality.

The new update brings social sharing option, photo/video sharing, improved widgets, local times on the Now screen, Follow Me for ongoing notification, dark/light themes  for ongoing notification and alerts bar and more. 

Oh yeah… the app also gets a snazzy new icon.

The app has premium ($2.99) and free versions on Google Play.

[via Google Play]

Lost Journey Goes on Sale on Google Play

Lost Journey Goes on Sale on Google Play

Oct 4, 2016

Award-winning mobile game Lost Journey is a fun game from developer DreamSky, and right now, it’s on sale.

The game chronicles Jennifer’s serene journey, taking on interesting environments replete with reversed gravity and more.

And it can be wholly had for just $0.10.

Yep, 10 cents. SO get it while it can be had, because we don’t know how long this promo will work.

Microïds Set to Launch ‘Agatha Christie: The A.B.C. Murders’ this Month

Microïds Set to Launch ‘Agatha Christie: The A.B.C. Murders’ this Month

Sep 22, 2016

And who doesn’t want to be the greatest detective ever?

Soon, Android gamers will have the opportunity to be the famed Agatha Christie sleuth Hercule Poirot in the upcoming cross-platform mobile game Agatha Christie: The A.B.C. Murders, which is set to be released later this month courtesy of Microïds and Artefacts Studio

This one promises to not simply be a hidden object caper; in fact, it is an interactive experience, with a coherent storyline that allows the player — in first-person — to take on and solve the puzzles and overall mystery presented.

The game incorporates a few elements, like “observation,” “interrogation” and “reconstruction” to facilitate resolution. Per the teaser trailer, it definitely has a storybook feel to it.

Agatha Christie: The A.B.C. Murders is set to make land on September 29th, and will cost $6.99.

While we wait, we have the game trailer below:

Business Card Reader Gets a Sizable Update

Business Card Reader Gets a Sizable Update

Aug 31, 2016

For a lot of business folks, the exchange of business cards is a required part of business. ABBYY’s Business Card Reader allows professionals to digitize card data to smartdevices.

Per the press release, the update brings:

The updated version has:
◦ enhanced computer vision enabling the app to identify the edges of a business card
◦ auto focus and auto click: just point the camera, the app will do the rest
◦ automatic perspective correction
◦ auto crop
◦ manual crop
◦ image enhancing filters
◦ both sides of a business card
◦ full-screen viewing mode
◦ export of contacts to MS Excel as a searchable, manageable database
◦ 50% higher processing speed: now it only takes 5 seconds to digitize a business card!

There is a free and Pro version available on Google Play.

Alto’s Adventure Expands to Android TV and NVIDIA Shield

Alto’s Adventure Expands to Android TV and NVIDIA Shield

Aug 4, 2016

Alto’s Adventure is certainly a charming game. It’s easy to get into, has a calming manner and is fun to look at; we certainly loved it when we took it for a formal spin earlier this year.

Developer Noodlecake is expanding the game’s reach; starting today, the game is available on Android TV and NVIDIA Shield.

Additionally, with this version, the game is taking a different route with regards to monetization; the game, like its iOS port, will be premium in nature, and priced at $3.99. This is a single payment, and the experience is ad-free.

Excerpts from the presser:

We’re big champions of mobile play, but it’s hard to deny: there’s something a little magical about playing games on your television. Curling up on a cold night or a lazy weekend afternoon and letting the sights and sounds of an imaginary somewhere fill the room.

Phones and tablets let us take miniature worlds with us on the go, but playing something on the TV? That’s when games take us somewhere instead.

That’s why we’re especially excited for today’s announcement: Alto’s Adventure is now available on Android TV and NVIDIA’s Shield TV! Thanks to the wonderful teams at Noodlecake Studios, fans of Android games on big screens can enjoy Alto at home for the first time – and with full controller support.

Like our other set-top versions of the game, Alto on Android TV will be something you can purchase once, and own forever. We’re proud to offer Android players a premium, ad-free experience, tailored meticulously for big screen play.


[Our Alto’s Adventure Review]

Scatterfly Launches on Google Play

Scatterfly Launches on Google Play

Aug 1, 2016

We’ve been impatiently waiting on Levitating Frog’s Scatterfly, and it finally here… yep, ready for download on Google Play.

Scatterfly is very female friendly game about saving and collecting butterflies. It’s the best butterfly game in the market.

Main features:
– simple and funny gameplay
– 4 worlds with unique graphic styles
– 20 standard levels + 12 endless survival levels
– 152 items to collect
– 2 rare butterflies in each level
– special mode for children
– standard mode for more experienced players
– survival mode to compare your skill with other players
– leader boards (optional, google play games required)
– achievements (optional, google play games required)

The game is free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play.

The Hunt for Red Panda Review

The Hunt for Red Panda Review

Jul 28, 2016

The Hunt for Red Panda starts out searing.

The game starts with an eye-catching flourish: comic-like stills with a minimum of color, and then transitions to fuller color to denote timelines. It’s a simple concept that works well, and somewhat highlights the core artistic aspect of the game. This is a game that should appeal greatly to anyone with even a modicum of artistic appreciation, especially when one considers the main element.

The backstory is interesting. An unkind evaluation, a burned down museum and a mysterious vandal that defiles precious artwork. The player takes on the job of a restorer that is tasked with identifying the alterations and fixing them appropriately.

This main idea pleasantly cloaks the gameplay concept: find the hidden object in a painting, sort of in a “one of things doesn’t belong” manner. A keen eye is helpful, because that laptop that is nestled in the 18th century art blends in very, very well. Some items are very subtly placed, and almost “natural” in appearance. The developer doesn’t rely only on era tricks, as one needs to look for other weirdness going on.


Basically, one has a limited amount of time to find all the variances, and then figure out how to fix them. “Reagent” is the tool that is used to identify something to be fixed, but one has to be careful, as applying reagent to the wrong spot catastrophically speeds up the clock. There are a limited amount of hints, and then one earns stars and cash based on performance… then, assuming one has all the clues needed, on to the next painting puzzle.

Puzzles are spaced out with the help of mini-games. these usually have an artsy feel to them, but are still interestingly varied.

The Hunt for Red Panda is a heady affair, what with the art lessons and breadth of content. It has a serious creative angle, if a bit short, but for premium title, it is easy to love.