Proboards Forum Review

Proboards Forum Review

May 22, 2012

Proboards is a popular free forum platform. They are like the of forums. When a Proboards form is created, the URL for the site will be Because they are free and hosted by Proboards, it is easy for someone to toss together a quick forum for their interest or club.

The Proboards Android application allows easy access to all of your favorite Proboards forums while mobile. I didn’t see an easy way to search for new forums to join. So here is a kind of nerdy way to find different Proboards forums to join. In the browser go to Google and type in the topic then a little search magic. It should look something like this:

ghosts site:@

Once some Proboards forums on interesting topics are discovered, it’s time to use the Android application. The first step is to add a forum. There is a spot on the main menu called My Forums. In this screen click on Add Forum. Enter in the the login credentials used to create an account on the new forum.

From there, using the forum is pretty much the same as using it in a standard browser with the exception of the look of the forum is simplified. There is access to all of the topics screens, pictures and links can be uploaded and added to replies. Pretty much all of the regular things needed for a forum frequenter.

Navigating through the tree of topics and threads is a breeze. Tap the topic and be taken to the next level. If preferred, there is a a Latest tab showing all of the newest posts since visiting last. Also in the tabs, there is a Participated option showing all of the recent conversation threads.

While there isn’t a lot to talk about with a forum application, there is a major benefit to using an application versus the browser; ease of use. When using the Android browser, there is a need to zoom in and out as well as a slower loading speed. For the person who is active in a forum or two, there is no substitute for easy navigation.