Phiaton PS 20 NC Headphones Hardware Review

Phiaton PS 20 NC Headphones Hardware Review

Jul 30, 2013

Phiaton has major cred when it comes to personal audio accessories, so getting an opportunity to review the PS 20 NC wired headphones is something to be looked forward to, even if it isn’t Phiaton’s newest product.

The packaging is tidy, and the review piece came with a standard extra bud tips of different sizes and single AA battery for the noise canceling box.

They are solidly crafted, and feel somewhat weighted in hand without being cumbersome. The rubber coated cables are quite thin, and emanate cleanly from the central control piece in either direction. On the one end, the ends are firmly pieced together, with brass-colored metal serving as a sort of frame for the multifaceted ear buds. The other end tapers into the standard 3.5mm pin. It looked slick in ebony, though I admit to being a bit taken aback by the bronze 2013-07-18 14.05.29highlights.

I don’t claim to be the world’s biggest audiophile, but I do like to think I have an ear for good hardware. My home, during Wii time, is the perfect environment for testing the professed noise canceling feature. With the abject cacophony that accompanies Lego Batman, this set of headphones are/were quite capable of setting me adrift on memory bliss of, uh… you? Seriously, the design of the ear buds and their expansive attribute work better than advertised, as being gloriously awash in only Dre instrumentals can attest to. Yep, they cancel extraneous noise quite capably even without being activated; the Everplay feature allows for music to play on in the event of battery depletion. The half in-ear design just worked well in my ears.

One thing that did irk me a tiny bit is the somewhat unwieldly nature of the cable. The provided pouch was excellent, but just stuffing it in there was not optimal, and it kind of felt like there wasn’t a natural way to wind them up without getting tangled.

Still, for a fairly mature offering, this piece seems quite deserving of the “premium” tag. It is a clear sign that wired sets are not going to be completely supplanted any day soon, and also proves that great audio accessories do not need to be delicate.

The Phiaton PS 20 NC wired headphones are available on Amazon for $99.99 at the time of this review.