GameSalad Now Supports Android Publishing

GameSalad Now Supports Android Publishing

Nov 14, 2011

GameSalad has made a jump in to Android with their update to their publishing tools. Now, games developed in GameSalad can be published to Android as well as iOS and the web. Games made in GameSalad require no programming, as everything is done in the app itself. Games can be made much quicker than they can by programming them from the ground up. On iOS, they even have the option to integrate some Game Center functions, as well as selling their games on the App Store, and it is possible to publish games without a GameSalad label at all. Android publishing requires the $499 license that includes “monetization features”, iOS Game Center support, and the ability to publish games without the GameSalad splash screen.

Obviously, the drawback of allowing people with no programming experience to make games is that it makes it easy for poorly-exectued and games of inferior quality to be made by people who probably shouldn’t be making games. However, there are quality games being made in GameSalad: Running Wild, Air Supply, and The Secret of Grisly Manor are good examples of some games being made with the publishing tools. Developers looking for easy-to-use tools who want to produce projects quickly may consider this as an option.

As well, the advent of more platform-agnostic gaming can only be seen as a good thing. Painfully waiting for games to cross platforms can become less of an issue with GameSalad games, which can currently already be published to the web via HTML5. Games can have an even further reach done easily with GameSalad.

Work will need to be done to get games working on Android that are made in GameSalad, and as the new games are released, we’ll see what is done as far as hardware support, and especially screen aspect ratios. There are no standardized ratios like on iOS, so Android may be a bigger challenge. Will OS/device fragmentation be an issue in the long term as well? Still, with GameSalad claiming that over 55 top 100 titles have been made with their tools, and with 15% of new titles being made with their tools, it’s hard to believe that a similar ratio won’t be reached soon on Android.