League of Evil Review

League of Evil Review

Oct 9, 2012

Fans of trial platformers on Android devices have missed out on one of the best original titles for mobile: League of Evil. Now, thanks to NoodleCake with Ravenous Games, evil scientists are only safe on Windows Phone. The premise? The League of Evil is doing evil things, so the UN calls on the Global Defense Force to save the day, but the GDF’s budget is a bit limited, so it’s really only one guy, a bionic warrior who has no guns and dies at the slightest adverse contact, but is rather acrobatic and can punch really hard. When it comes to killing those no-good scientists just standing still in out-of-the-way locations, he’s the robot man for the job. Thus, the goal is to double-jump and punch with great velocity through the many trials in the way.

And I do mean many trials. There’s a ton of content here, over 200 levels available in total for the low, low cost of $0.99. Seriously, while many of the levels can be beaten quickly, many can most assuredly not and will take some time to truly conquer. There’s plenty of reasons to keep coming back to this one. It’s funny, because I thought the game lacked content on its original iOS release, but later level packs made the game dramatically increase in replay value, and they’re here from the start for Android gamers.

The game really shines on the larger screens of Android phones. The pixel art still looks great on high-resolution screens, and there’s plenty of room for the responsive virtual controls; they’re the next best thing to physical controls. The goals of getting the briefcase and finishing under a certain time provide plenty of motivation to replay levels, to try and nail that perfect run, though it is possible to just survive and advance.

League of Evil is one of the better trial platformers available, what with its massive amount of content and great retro style at a low price. Action fans should pick this one up.