Mini Golf King Review

Mini Golf King Review

Dec 27, 2017

Yep, yep… here we have an interesting mini-golf simulation to get into: Mini Golf King.

It is a colorful game, wrought with visual effects and the requisite smooth animations. Control is effected by dragging directionally, such that the player can make the ball fly on the scenes which play in portrait orientation.

A typical level consists of virtual miniature golf setup, but with a few extras. Of course, there is the the tee off point, and then the culminating (hopefully) hole. The intuitively core idea is to get the ball from point A to point B with the least amount of strokes. The game engine selects a reasonable match from online players available, and both of you go at it to see who wins the available prize.mgk3

But this ain’t your grandmas’s putt-putt now. There are jewels all along the playing area, some bigger than others, and these garner points if your ball makes contact with them. There are also other hazards, like bunkers and more, plus mystery collectibles. Now, one thing that becomes interesting is figuring out how to use the collectibles to your advantage, or even collecting higher paying big gems. See, going for one of these does have an opportunity cost, so it pays to not eschew going for the quick win for the sake a lot of garnered points.

So, the idea is to beat folks to gain prize money and goodies. Goodies include chests which take time to open, and contain all sorts of things, from clubs to coin. Playing levels requires entrance fees, so, really, you have to win to have the money to play unlocked subsequent levels. Real cash can be used to expedite operations, and there are also other ways to gain game cash (like watching videos).

It has just enough razzle dazzle to keep its arcade card without losing its simulation status; the effects are fun and not overly gaudy, while the power-ups give is a Mario feel along the way. It is an easy, understandable game, but manages to retain a hint of unpredictability because of said specials plus the interesting layouts plus the randomized opponents.

Perfect for those holiday nights that might be colder than most.

Astro Golf Review

Astro Golf Review

Apr 29, 2014

Astro Golf is a putt-putt game that does a visual switch on players.

Players substitute sun-kissed greens for the metal and somewhat unpredictable futuristic confines of a space ship. Our cuddly robot becomes the ball, and the goal is to finish levels by guiding it into holes in a set number of shots. Moving the spherical robot is a matter of long-pressing and “drawing” on the sphere (like one would do on a pinball machine) and releasing; the amount of power on the pull determines how hard and potentially far it goes.

The gameplay is defined by the environment; the elements will be familiar to anyone who has dabbled in miniature golf; the path from the start point to the hole is rarely a straight, flat line. There are obstacles, bumpers, bridges, ramps and more to traverse, and the playing area has different-colored nuts lining the play area that canastro1 be collected for gold. A lot of times, there is more than one way to solve what u=is in essence a riddle, as there might be another way to get to the cup, prior to the first shot, it is possible to zoom in and scan to study the area. At the end of a level, gold is generated based on performance, and if the level is passed, the next one is unlocked. levels can be repeated for more gold and/or better scores.

The gold can be redeemed for other characters and power-ups. the power-ups make the game easier, which is key at some junctures when the gameplay gets harder. Real cash can be used as well, but doesn’t feel necessary to enjoy the game.

It’s a fun diversion, and I especially like the customization options and the cheeky ode to mechanics, and the physics and such work well with the fantastic graphics.

Mini Golf Matchup Review

Mini Golf Matchup Review

May 24, 2013

Mini Golf Matchup is a pleasant putt putt sim that puts a major emphasis on social interaction.

The multiplayer format really encourages playing with friends. I can play with people in my email contacts, or random strangers. Upon finding an opponent, it comes down to turn-by-turn play on the same course. I love the fact that I could have games going against numerous people simultaneously, and at my own pace. For the random games, I simply waited for the game to do the matching, and waited for my turn.

The courses had different looks, different levels of difficulty/hazards and different scenery. To get the ball into play, I simply long-pressed and pulled… sort of like creating the virtual motion that mimics how a pinball machine mini1game is started. In true real-life fashion, the shortest distance between tee and chip was rarely a straight line; thus, using the boundaries as bumpers was almost a needed skill.

The game incorporated gems in the playing area, as well as at least one big gem. The more I hit, the more points I was able to procure. Five (5) shots make par, and basic golf terms apply. To score points, I tried to make the hole in as few shots as possible while getting bonuses for clearing gems and the big bonus diamond. Holes in one are always celebrated, and a bonus carries over to the next hole.

I think the developer made a good choice by working in achievements into the game. The achievements range from using do-overs (a feature allowing players to redo a shot) to skimming shots over water. I could use coins to skip them, but I thought the ones I tried were fun. Graphically, it was bright and rich, exhibiting a whimsical artistic style I almost expected in a game like this. The animations are brash in a good way.

I think the game could use better notifications. The ads are not too irritating, and in an case, it is possible to get rid of them via in-app purchase.

I think MGM is a sleeper that must be played to be appreciated.

Free Game Rundown – Golf Games

Free Game Rundown – Golf Games

Nov 26, 2012

Golf is a great recreational game as long as it isn’t taken to seriously. Getting out there with a couple of friends and having a few beers is a great way to spend an afternoon. On the days when the weather doesn’t cooperate with the tee time, just pull out the trusty Android and play a virtual round of golf. Or, practice putting with a game of mini golf.

Mini Golf Stars 3D: Putt Putt

Even for the most dedicated golfer, can get frustrated playing a difficult mini golf course. Because of the 3-D nature of this mini golf game, it can get pretty difficult. Using the 3D view it’s easy to swing around and see elevation and the full course in a different way than a 2D game would allow.

Download Mini Golf Stars 3D: Putt Putt

Golf 3D

Golf 3D is another 3D game. However, this is a full-size golf course. Many the same views are available in Golf 3D as there are in Mini Golf Stars 3D: Putt Putt. Spin the course around to see what the best possible angle to shoot is. I like this game because the ball can be maneuvered while in flight. There’s also a career mode which is nice for coming back and playing it over and over again.

Download Golf 3D

Let’s Golf! 3

Let’s Golf! 3 is the third edition of Gameloft’s version of a golf game. They have really well-made games with cartoony looking characters. Because it’s not trying to be super realistic game, the courses are a little out of the normal realm of what most people golf on. Let’s Golf! 3 is multiplayer game that can be played on the same device or with up to four players on the same Wi-Fi or Bluetooth network.

Download Let’s Golf! 3

Tiki Golf 3D FREE

Some of the most fun mini golf courses are the ones with a theme. Tiki Golf 3D is just that kind of mini golf game. While playing the 18 normal holes or 19 alternative holes, there are some lockable worlds and difficulties.this is another game where the phone can be tilted to control the ball all its moving towards the hole.

Download Tiki Golf 3D FREE

Golf Solitaire Free

Golf Solitaire is for the people who are not necessarily into golf, but get stuck going to the golf course in writing along the cart. Play a Solitaire while the others play a round of golf. Also a great time killer for those times when there is a slow group of people ahead.

Download Golf Solitaire Free