Introducing new game: Up&Up – Balloon Puzzler

Introducing new game: Up&Up – Balloon Puzzler

Jun 24, 2017

Up&Up – Balloon Puzzler is a new game, hot off the press from LitmitlessGame.

This one promises to be an engaging mind twister; we’re talking about physics, balloons and the uncontrollable urge to travel upwards.

Your job? Clear the travelway, such that our bubbly friend can make it to the waypoint way up there. Watch out for the dangers though; they are unfriendly.

Up&Up is a unique puzzle game, telling the story of the Red Balloon which is trying to escape from a naughty kid.
It’s a unique experience filled with great music and interesting features.
Players goal is to unblock the balloon and let it escape towards the sky by interacting with the environment.

It looks genteel enough, with bright, natural representations and nice sounds from gaming music veteran composer Michał Ratkowski

Looks fun… so much so, that we don’t see how we can avoid checking it out. It’s available now for free (with in-app purchases).

Check out the trailer below:

[via Up&Up website]

Causality Review

Causality Review

Apr 24, 2017

Simple puzzle games are always potential charmers, and Causality is a new-ish one we couldn’t turn away from.

To start out, the gameplay shows up as being relatively easy. You, the player, take control of an astronaut stranded on a weird world, and look to get him to safety.

But these are very, very weird lands. Weird creatures, landscapes and such, but especially weird happenings: multiple instances of self that the player comes across while traversing the playing area, and the ability to go back and forth in time.

The multiple instances manifest as several astronauts, which start to appear after the first few cursory, introductory levels. The main idea is to guide the astronaut along the tricky squared path to an end square, at which point the level ends.

Soon, one has to deal with the first “extra” astronaut; with the use of the direction buttons, one can play around with which path to make them take. Solving the puzzles sometimes means getting to a button which opens a path, and then figuring out how to double back to get to the endpoint.


The game also makes use of time limits, so doing solving before time runs out is key. If failed, one can reverse time to try another sequence of movements.

The game goes on and on, gradually increasing in difficulty, with more space gear-clad pieces making their way onto the playing area. The main goal remains; get the different colors from point A to the color-matching end square, avoiding all obstacles in the way.

If it feels a bit like the Go series of games, the familiality will be delightfully excused; the time manipulation concept works well to create interesting solutions. Because of the design, one is also able to correct mistakes at the point of creation, and also play around with different paths.

It plays as easy as itis to get into it, and has plenty of levels available.

New game ‘wHoles’ arrives on Android

New game ‘wHoles’ arrives on Android

Apr 13, 2017

Swift Knight Studios just brought its puzzler wHoles to Android.

Per Google Play, we get a bunch of gameplay and plenty of environments.

wHOLES features over 100 levels, where you navigate and glide “Ra”, your friendly feline companion, across many environments. Just visit every tile in order to finish the level, but that is easier said than done as players cannot go back on tiles that they have already been on. Controlled by the directional buttons on each side of the screen, you can explore increasingly challenging zones as you work your way through the levels.

The game contains hours of gameplay featuring different special tiles, hidden pathfinder puzzles, and many surprises to discover along the way.

The game is free (with in-app purchases).

Check out the trailer below:

Stealth – hardcore action Review

Stealth – hardcore action Review

Mar 27, 2017

Stealth – hardcore action doesn’t carry many airs with it. Nah, with simple blue hues and a top-down 2D look, it feels very unassuming.

Simple as it is, the game still manages to wear “puzzle” garb quite ably. With the aforementioned top-down view being our visual gateway, the game is very easily taken in and understood.

The game play is all about avoiding detection. On the one hand, there are sentries with lights that roam around, and on the other, you… the player. The latter is looking to avoid the former. As the player, you think of yourself as a shrewd operator versed in subterfuge. Think hostages. Think danger.

Think smart.

The simulated lights are the aggressor’s tool of discovery; they flare out and have fixed ranges, and are perched in front of the sentries, much like you’d see on a cartoon car. As the sentry moves and switches direction, the locator light is shined on a new area of space. As hinted at, the main idea is to avoid having the light set upon the your play piece. To increase the fun factor, it is also possible to creep behind a moving sentry, all furtive like; as long as the subject isn’t caught in the light, it’s all good.

If the light does chance upon you, the sentry is alerted, and chases you down… level failed.


But then, one has to contend with the collectible pieces –ah, the “hostages” — that are placed at different places on the board. They are rescued by contact, and when all are collected, an escape portal appears, which one has to navigate to safely. There are bonus objects, and one nifty trick is the ability to eliminate sentries by contact. This isn’t for the faint of heart, as it entails continued contact from behind, sometimes while said sentry is moving and twirling around.

As the game goes on, the levels become a bit tougher, which is to be expected.

Stealth wins because it is simple yet engaging. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel; it just presents an easy-to-chew portion of it. When it comes to mobile games, simplicity is an attribute to strive for, and this one mostly delivers.

Puzzler Game Linia is Free for a Limited Time

Puzzler Game Linia is Free for a Limited Time

Mar 5, 2017

Black Robot Games has slashed the price of Liniadown to $0 (from $1.99). That’s right: the game is currently free.

Game details (per Google Play):

Linia is a colorful puzzle game that mixes a relaxing atmosphere with brain melting challenges. In Linia, you create color sequences by tracing a line connecting coloured shapes. Sounds easy enough, right? Not quite. Imagine when colors are running around, revolving, hiding, changing shape and doing everything they can to avoid being caught by your line. It will take skill and sense of rhythm to get the sequence right. Are you up for the challenge?


– Original puzzle gameplay
– More than 80 unique and colorful puzzle levels and…
– …new levels released with future updates
– Game progress saved to the cloud
– Achievements!
– A little surprise if you complete all levels

We don’t know how long it will be offered for free, so don’t tarry. Check out the trailer below:

[via Slickdeals]

Imprint-X Review

Imprint-X Review

Jan 30, 2017

We were probably more eager than usual to finally be able to play imprint-X, a new game from Morgondag; with its recent release we finally got our chance.

The artwork is exceptionally zany, borderline ethereal. It uses a lot of dark backgrounds with delicate pastels, and this backdrop allows the depiction of the core machine-ish objects to really stand out.

The gameplay backstory is a geek’s dream, if a bit busy. Bad nanobots called wardens are hurting people, and the player takes on the persona of a “hacker clones” that can free infected brains; this then boils down to solving puzzles in real life.

The intro cutscenes are long and creative. It might not really help with eventual gameplay, but this sequence is a nice touch. With regards to controls, it’s mostly about tapping.

And gameplay? It’s leveled, and it begins with the presentation of a sequence puzzle. Most levels begin with an interesting looking structure with buttons. Now, the idea is to figure out the correct sequence to free the mind. When one level is solved, another is open.


The puzzles start out pretty easy, but as one goes on, they do get more challenging, and even a bit more engaging. Now, memory really plays a part with regards with potential success, because if one hits the wrong button, one has to backtrack and remember the previous button presses while finding a new series to press. Keep your eye on the prize; those light flashes run quick!

And it is isn’t just a monotonous set of button presses; there are interesting sets that test reaction time as well. Nifty.

The game has a sedate feel to it, which might not be everyone’s cup of tea; the somewhat slow beginning and amorphous intro are, well, different. Going in further does fulfill a lot of the game’s promise, and there are a lot of brain and dexterity teasers to keep one busy for some time.

Imprint-X Launches on Google Play

Imprint-X Launches on Google Play

Jan 26, 2017


We’ve been keeping an eye out for imprint-X, and we are happy to note that the new game from Morgondag is now live and available for our playing pleasure on Google Play.

And what do we get? Well, interesting gameplay, cool art, matching music, and a slew of puzzles to work through. Indeed, per Google Play:

* 700 buttons to press
* 100 levels to unlock
* Atmospheric music and beautiful pixel art
* A mixture of different puzzles
* Curiosity driven gameplay

Definitely worth checking out, no?

You can pick up imprint-X for a one-time cost of $2.99. Check out the trailer:

New Digital Board Game ‘Potion Explosion’ Pops Onto Google Play

New Digital Board Game ‘Potion Explosion’ Pops Onto Google Play

Jan 26, 2017

Another one…

Asmodee Digital is carving out quite a swathe in the digital board game genre, and has yet another new one out.

It’s latest entry is Potion Explosion.

This one, like several of Asmodee’s other titles, is based off a physical board game that has the same name. It packs in tile-matching, strategy, online/multiplayer modes and more in an atmosphere the developer describes as ” Harry Potter-like”.

In Potion Explosion, you will explode ingredients, trigger chain reactions and gather it all in your caldron. You will then use your hard-earned unicorn tears, fairy dandruff and whatnot to craft powerful mixtures with wacky effects! May the best wizard win!

The game costs $4.99; check out the trailer below:

Solokus Launches on Google Play

Solokus Launches on Google Play

Jan 23, 2017

Developer waken has a new game on the Play Store called Solokus.

It reads like a simple game; the main idea is to fit same colored edges together. This one has a lot of free content (120 out of 180 puzzles); the rest can be purchased via in-app purchase.

Check out the press release info:

*Fill the pieces perfectly.
*Place pieces from the same colored corner.
*The pieces should never touch the side of any of same colored pieces.
*The pieces you place must touch the corner of at least one of other same colored pieces.

*Free to play.
*Easy to play.
*Cute blocks.
*You can play at your own pace without worrying about a clock.
*120 Free stages and an additional 60 paid stages.
*You can see what percentage of people completed each stage.

As noted, it is free (with extra premium content). The trailer is below:

Infinity Loop Premium Review

Infinity Loop Premium Review

May 29, 2016

Interestingly enough, Infinity Loop Premium exists in that realm where simplicity meets mind-bender. Puzzles can be enjoyably atypical, and this game’s developer clearly wants that joint attribute.

From a graphical point of view, it’s a bare bones experience… but definitely in a positive manner. The playing area is fairly stark, allowing the relevant pieces to shine forth for player manipulation. The animations are seamless, and the use of color is regulated well, creating a relatively engaging adventure. It utilizes simple controls (taps) and incorporates easy menus that can be hidden, allowing for few distractions when the play starts.

Once one gets said playing, one might be forgiven for doing a double take a time or two. A graphical representation is the centerpiece, and even though it isn’t initially apparent, it consists of numerous smaller pieces. Each of these pieces can be rotated by tapping, breaking any common lines and even connected to different end points, or rotated all the way back to its original position.

The core concept is to rotate all the individual pieces, such that a new, mostly closed 2D object is created. Since there are several pieces to move around, there are a number of possible permutations, so it takes a bit of playing and around and logic to arrive at the solved image. using end pieces as a guide, one looks to move stuff around until the puzzle is solved.


Solving a puzle opens up a tougher one; the game is leveled.

As far as geometric puzzlers go, Loop is definitely interesting, especially in the way it seemingly varies the difficulty levels from level to level. Just when one narrows one’s eyes in readiness for a mind bender, one gets tossed for a loop — delightfully so.

A hint system could probably help, but the developer does allow for levels to be replayed, and all together it is a fun caper.

Dream Machine – The Game Review

Dream Machine – The Game Review

Apr 14, 2016

Give me a great puzzler that has great graphics, and then I can go to town.

Give me Dream Machine.

The artwork that graces this game makes no bones about tricking the eye and teasing the brain. Color-wise, it is fairly sedate, evoking a somewhat steampunk-ish vibe even while mostly ensuring that one doesn’t drift too far away from the fantastical structures that are at the core of this game’s visual presentation.

Yes, they are definitely interesting. If one has a thing for impossible objects, Dream Machine will definitely be the dmg2game to mess around with. It has several uniquely adjustable structures on display, and it’s easy to forget the actual gameplay while enjoying the visual permutations. The animations are smooth, and work well with the soothing tunes.

The gameplay gets right to it. The main idea is to get our protagonist, non-conformist robot from point A to point B; the robot moves continually once started, and if it gets to a point where it can go forward, it reverses course, unless manually controlled by the player. To do this, one generally has to use a supplied lever to turn a piece of the structure in such a way that the robot can continue on a path that leads to the end point. The cool sideshow is the way the structures disregard the laws of physics; as one moves to create a new path, the optical illusions all but become attractions in and of themselves.

The game is leveled; make one’s way to the end point, and a new, invariably tougher level is open.

As the game pops off further, the puzzles do get more complex, forcing one to move things around a bit, and do things like doubling back and such. There are boss battles, which are enjoyable in their somewhat unexpected nature.

It comes together quite well, a bit predictable, yes, but still manages to be engaging. It brings great looks to the fore without over-relying on eye candy, which is no small feat.

NewFort Studios’ New Game ‘Plight’ Launches on Google Play

NewFort Studios’ New Game ‘Plight’ Launches on Google Play

Apr 12, 2016

NewFort Studios has just released its first game on Google Play… a puzzler named Plight.

Delve into the immersive world of Plight, where darkness has consumed the planet, and its up to you to re-energize it! Challenge yourself with over 90 handcrafted levels that put your puzzle solving skills to the test!

Journey through the three expansive areas that make up the world of Plight. Learn how to manipulate the energy pylons scattered throughout the land and charge the main power pylons for each level. Use beam, creation, refractor, splitter, teleport pylons and more, to bring the planet back to life!

-3 unique areas
-90 handcrafted levels
-9 hidden secret levels
-A rating system that challenges you
(Prove your skill by obtaining all of the elusive green stars!)
-No in-app purchases
-Immersive environments
-New challenges at every turn

The game costs $2.99; the trailer is below: