Dawn of Titans Review

Dawn of Titans Review

Dec 24, 2016

Dawn of Titans has been making quite a stir of late; it’s only right that we took it for a spin.

We do get some fantasy back story: long, long ago, large behemoth beings called Titans roamed the earth, and helped protect it. Then, one of the Titans decided to, well, consolidate all that power. Yep, Almarand did what folks who are stronger than everyone else do: he took on the other Titans.

Korthan, the noble king of the Titans, took it upon himself to stop Almarand, and sacrificed himself to do so. As a result of that defeat, all Titans disappeared from the world.

Until now. Looks like the Titans are back.

The action opens via tutorial; here, we begin to see the lush fictional world that makes up Dawn of Titans. Aerial kingdoms, huge castles, medieval-type soldiers and more. The game employs deliberate animations, and the in-battle audio gets intense.

The game also incorporates a very hands-on tutorial. This guides the player along and through the games’s complex gameplay via visual highlighting and pop-up screens. The main goal? Gain stuff by force, and repel efforts by others to get yours.

Simple, no?


It’s a pretty engaging saga which starts out with the player under siege from a powerful rival; at this time, you also find out from trusted advisors that Titans are not a myth; they are here, and hey, can be used to repel and beat the enemy. There is a process to select troops, train them and such. And there is battling. A lot of battling and raiding.

The battles are were strategy is of a premium. Having well trained, varied troops is great, but nothing beats a good plan. At first (with the help of the tutorial, fighting is a matter of mapping out troops and winning a war of attrition; secondarily to that, it is necessary to have the materials to train them with and move high enough XP-wise to unlock better troops and perks. Even when numerically outnumbered, it is possible to win a PvP battle via superior tactics.


There are a lot of elements, and they are all interconnected. To, say, upgrade one’s base, there are pre-requisites that must be met. In this way, one grows somewhat evenly. As one goes on, other elements get opened up, like alliances, and the need to protect ones accumulated lands. Titans can be collected, and XP and VP are important measurements.

It is a pretty interesting game, with a lot of depth, and one that is hard to explain adequately in a review. For folks looking for quick sagas, this might not be great; it demands a good deal of involvement to be successful.

I sense a how-to coming up…

Pinpop VEGAS: Extreme Pinball Launches Worldwide on Google Play

Pinpop VEGAS: Extreme Pinball Launches Worldwide on Google Play

Dec 20, 2016

NEXON Korea is out with a new game: Pinpop VEGAS: Extreme Pinball. With this, we get a real-time PVP action game based on an arcade favorite.

Features? Per Google Play:

· Hyper realistic gameplay: real-time physics give players the look and feel of pinball mechanics complete with sound and vibration effects;

· Real-time pinball battles: up to four players for high intensity pinball battle;

· Dynamic stages: visually appealing levels evolve with environments in the story mode, providing players with a unique experience each play-through;

· Unique and collectible pinballs: play with a diverse set of beautifully designed pinballs available at every stage, including special ‘Android balls’ for Google Play users.

The game is free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play.

‘The Walking Dead No Man’s Land’ adds PvP mode

‘The Walking Dead No Man’s Land’ adds PvP mode

Mar 3, 2016

The Walking Dead No Man’s Land, the official app of the hit AMC TV show that the game derives its name from, has just added a PvP option to its gameplay.

Per its Google Play page:

PVP! – attack other players’ Outposts and defend your own. Send your elite survivors to raid resources from others; bolster your own defense with captured walkers.
The stakes are higher than ever, will your group emerge as the strongest?
• New PVP feature: Outposts.
• Raid other players’ Outposts for valuable resources
• Walker Pit – unleash bloodthirsty walkers upon your enemies
• New resource: Trade Goods
• Collect Trade Goods from Challenges and Outposts

The game is available for free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play.

Real-Time PvP Shooting Game ‘Hero Forces’ Arrives on Android

Real-Time PvP Shooting Game ‘Hero Forces’ Arrives on Android

Jan 28, 2016

Hero Forces, a cross-platform PvP adventure from Playcube, is now available on Google Play.

The game allows players to complete missions and take on waves of enemy combatants in different Modes.

Hero Forces Executive Producer Some Wan rfers to the big screen elements that are in the game. “Hero Forces puts players right in the middle of non-stop, action movie-style battles they can pick up and play at any time on their mobile device,” he says. “With over 75 levels and thrilling Single Player, Co-op and PvP modes, players can blast away with weapons including guns, RPGs and sniper rifles to take out enemies, win PvP matches and level up to become a true H.E.R.O. of the free world.”

A real-time PVP shooting game that redefines FPS & TPS. Shoot zombies and combat monsters to your heart’s content. Pick up a shot gun, a sniper rifle or an RPG to save this world from total annihilation!

● Real-time PVP
– Find online opponents for a quick shooter match in seconds
– CO-OP with other real snipers and shoot down the zombies
– Take on friends and strangers alike and show them who is the top gun

● Whenever, wherever
– Play the game whether you have two minutes or two hours
– Smart controls designed for people on the move – you may even play with one hand! A shooting game truly made for newbies and experts.

● Endless waves of shooting fun
– Enjoy rich gameplay in campaign mode, survival mode, real-time PVP and zombie CO-OP mode
– Experience the thrill of an action movie in cool settings like rain forests, deserts, prairies, zombie war and metro cities

● Customize everything
– Name your favorite gun, we got it! Upgrade your sniper rifles, shotguns and even RPGs
– Recruit other heroes and equip them with the most advanced guns and armors

The game is free-to-play.

A New RPG is Released on Google Play: Heroes of Atlan

A New RPG is Released on Google Play: Heroes of Atlan

Mar 31, 2014


Heroes of Atlan is a free-to-play PvP-heavy role-playing game with over a hundred different heroes, available in five different classes. One part of the game consists of various tournaments where players’ heroes will fight against each other to sharpen their skills, get gold and level up, and another part is sending these heroes to scout lands, devastated by a demon king. The game can be downloaded for free from here: Heroes of Atlan on Google Play.

Book of Heroes Review

Book of Heroes Review

Aug 12, 2013

Book of Heroes is a slightly unusual game, even though I wasn’t particularly engaged in it, because of my strained relationships with this sort of free-to-play games. Although it looks like a standard card game from the start, Book of Heroes is partially a card game, and partially player-versus-player role-playing game, with the unfortunate bits of free-to-play restrictions – because of course there have to be free-to-play restrictions. Story is absolutely generic and isn’t very relevant to the gameplay. In fact, let’s skip the story altogether.

The game begins with creating a main character, choosing its gender, and general outlook. After that, the general mechanics are introduced through a short tutorial. Book of Heroes is a turn-based game, where each side gets to attack only after another side completed theirs. The unusual mechanic lies in the fact that instead of turn points, or any other ephemeral concept, the resource that defines a turn in Book of Heroes is simply length of attack in time. If one hero has an attack speed of 0.95 seconds, he gets to attack before the hero with an attack speed of 1 second, and so forth. This means that the tactical component is present – but, considering that Book of Heroes is full of in-app transactions, and the hero’s fighting properties are directly proportional to the items he has equipped, I personally wouldn’t bet on it. Still, not counting this obvious issue, Book of Heroes presents a fine turn-based gameplay. There are three specializations for a hero, each containing its own skill tree that is eventually learned as the hero is leveled up. Although the gist of the game lies in PvP battles, there are also single-player quests and challenges that can be completed for additional gold and experience. Surprisingly, the game isn’t very crammed with useless mechanics, and is mostly transparent to understand.

Book of Heroes 4On the other hand, it’s not like Book of Heroes is without its share of problems. Aside from the pay-to-win concept, there’s also the stupid “energy” meter that has to be recharged, before the hero is able to go on the next quest, and the levels become ridiculously difficult to grind after about a level five or so. The other problem is that even counting the different specializations, heroes are still not that different, and if one hero is more experienced than the other, there’s pretty much nothing one can do to change the outcome of the battle – again, not counting purchasing awesome loot with awesome amount of money, of course. At the end, Book of Heroes is nothing new. It’s a free-to-play game that’s betting on its social mechanics – there are guilds, groups, and even an in-game global chat – rather than on an innovating gameplay. I’m sure that some people are going to love it – but I wonder if it would have even an ounce of its audience, if it wasn’t multiplayer-oriented. In any case, it’s a mediocre RPG, but nothing too unfortunate.