Quad Drawer Review

Quad Drawer Review

Sep 20, 2013

The past few renditions of the Android devices have had a lot more memory to store apps. The problem is, we can add more stuff to the phone because we have more space, so we do. When we have a hundred or more apps on our devices, it can take some time to find the right app to open. Quad Drawer is a great solution for most people to help find apps faster.

Quad-Drawer-8After it’s downloaded, Quad Drawer will run a check to find all of the apps on the device. Once it does, finding an app is super easy. The apps are found by simply typing in the name of the application. While this may sound pretty simple, the majority of phones and other Android devices out there do not have a feature like this.

Initially the keyboard is a non-smart phone style predictive text. Myself, I’m not a huge fan of this so I went into the settings and changed it to the standard QWERTY keyboard.

What I liked about Quad Drawer are the different columns in the search. This allows for apps to be grouped in difference matters automatically. For example, there’s a most used, a recent column, and a last downloaded option. Once a few of the letters of the name of the app are typed in, using a finger swipe to the left or to the right will change the columns displaying applications in a different order.

Another option in the settings is the floating window. The floating window gives quick access to the application search. It’s typically up in the top left-hand corner of the screen and out of the way of most application icons and widgets. When tapped, a screen with a search bar and the basic applications are shown. From this point on Quad Drawer works the same.

As I mentioned before, Quad Drawer might not seem like it’s a huge timesaver because it’s pretty easy to scroll through the apps in the app drawer. However, it actually does save a lot of time when the device has a ton of applications installed on it.