Volt Review

Volt Review

Apr 21, 2014

Volt is an interesting game that tacks together puzzle-solving with leveled platform play and dresses the end product with a dash of arcade.

The basic quest is to get our adventurous battery on his way; in the game, this translates to moving the battery from its opening position to the exit hatch, the opening position usually being suspended from the top by en electrical beam. To accomplish the movement, the player has to harness the electric beams to solve the movement puzzle thus created.

The problem is that there are a limited number of beams, and they can only be used within a particular radius. To move the battery, it is sometimes necessary to create a path of beams from the top and swing towards the target volt1like Spider-man. But, wait… only two beams can be connected to the battery simultaneously; a slashing gesture can be used to dispose of old beams. The rules of physics are generally followed; for instance, if the battery is connected to a surface by two beams, and one is slashed, the battery will swing with decreasing momentum just as one would expect in real life. Tapping an unsuspended battery causes it to jump, but too many taps cause it to explode and ends the run.

And the game has plenty of obstacles and situational setups that make getting the battery through the level difficult. There are white surfaced (usually bladed) that are lethal, and other dangers that need to be avoided. Not all surfaces can be beamed from, and some (yellow) allow the beam to exist for only a short time.

The game boasts 60 levels and the ability to repeat levels endlessly. There are bosses and goodies to unlock, and the visuals prove the game just wants to played.

At $1.99, the biggest thing at risk is potential fun.