Free App Recap February 5 – Search Apps

Free App Recap February 5 – Search Apps

Feb 5, 2013

Our phones have the ability to access the collective knowledge of mankind. To find that information, we need a little help searching through it all. This weeks list of utilities is all search apps for Android. While the Google Search app comes on most devices, there are other options out there to make searching easier and to help target searches a bit better.

Quick Search Widget

Much like the search bar in browsers like Firefox, Quick Search Widget is a fast way to search the web from engines other than Google. Bing, Yahoo!, Wikipedia, eBay, DailyMotion and lot of others are available. Being a widget, the search is a lot more accessible. Set up a different widget for each of the most used search engines.

Download Quick Search Widget

Image Search

Sometimes I am talking to someone and want to show them a picture of something we are talking about. Searching for just an image isn’t always so easy though. Image Search makes searching for and finding the right image a super easy. It’s pretty much like going to Google Image Search and looking for the image. Filter by the type of image, color, size and a lot more. Once the right image is found, viewing, downloading or going to the site hosting the image is quick and painless.

Download Image Search

Google Gesture Search

Like Google Search for a phone or tablet. Once Google Gesture Search indexes the device, items like contacts, apps and other things can be searched for by drawing the numbers or letters on the screen. If for example “T” is drawn and the search is for TuneIn Radio, keep spelling out the name and the search is refined more. Search for a contact by drawing their phone number on the screen. Way easier than using the small keyboard on some phones

Download Google Gesture Search