Quiztix Movies Review

Quiztix Movies Review

Jun 11, 2014

Quiztix Movies and its sister game Quiztix Pop Music are the latest examples of the ever entertaining quiz genre on Android. Are they worth knowing?

Screenshot_2014-06-06-12-01-40Quiztix Movies features loads of questions and they are challenging without being too hard. They range in subject matter widely and are never boring or too easy. Opening a question uses Quizfizz which is a fancy name for an energy system, common to most freemium games. Answering a question quickly wins back some of the quizfizz that was spent and answering faster earns more of it. If the player answers wrongly they get nothing and the question is locked for 12 hours. After 12 hours the question can be answered again. Quizfizz can be spent to unlock questions early.

Quiztix Movies can be quite limiting if the player doesn’t get every question right. With full quizfizz the player can get about 6 questions wrong or about 6-10 slower answers. Correct answers pretty much restore the same amount of Quiz fizz that was used to open them and provide a lot more playing time The extremely slow pace might annoy quiz lovers. Recharging Quizfizz completely from empty takes at least a few hours.

Screenshot_2014-06-06-12-01-17Quiztix Movies has a pretty snappy interface compared to most quiz games. Rather than dry questions and answers, Quiztix Movies takes place in a movie theatre/concert hall type area full of seats. Each seat is a question and getting a question right fills that seat with a person, often an amusing one like a super hero or a strangely dressed guy. Each bank of seats is a different question category and the cute robot that serves as your guide and the bright sound give Quiztix Movies a goodly amount of personality. When compared to other puzzle games on the platform this is very welcome.

Quiztix Movies is filled with in app purchases. Their sheer number can be a bit off putting. There are ones for extra quizfizz, ones to refill quizfizz faster, ones to reduce lockout time for wrong answers right away and there’s even one to allow you to ask a friend for help directly from the app via Facebook. Why this costs money is anyone’s guess. The player does start with a few of each, but still this game has a lot of IAP and this may annoy some people. They are very cheap however. The game is so enjoyable a few purchases to make things faster aren’t such a bad thing.

Quiztix Movies has a lot of questions and unlocking all of them will take a long, long time. Of course some of this is down to the game’s fairly glacial pace. When compared to other games like Songpop and its unlimited games, Quiztix can feel a bit too sedate.

Quiztix Movies is a fun and great-looking quiz game it has a long shelf life and its IAPs are reasonable if annoying. For people that can handle its freemium trappings it’s worth a download. Quiztix Pop Music is exactly the same, but with music questions instead and is good stuff as well.