Get Trivia Crack (Ad-Free) for $0.10

Get Trivia Crack (Ad-Free) for $0.10

Feb 16, 2016

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The Official NBA Quiz Arrives on Android

The Official NBA Quiz Arrives on Android

Dec 2, 2014

The Official NBA Quiz is on Android courtesy of Chillingo.

Dubbed as the “ONLY Official NBA Quiz on the Google Play Store,” the app looks to test NBA fans on their knowledge of related trivia.

Choose your most beloved NBA franchise and step out onto the court to test your basketball knowledge. Answer thousands of multiple-choice questions correctly and quickly to turn your basketball expertise into slam-dunks. Only real fans need apply!
NBA Official Quiz combines the speed and strategy of the real game as you test your NBA knowledge against your friends, and other players around the world, in real time.
NBA Official Quiz Features:
• The only truly official NBA Quiz game on the Google Play Store
• Pick your favorite from 30 licensed NBA teams, customize your players with official NBA kits before heading out to play on iconic courts
• Over 6,000 multiple choice questions spanning decades of NBA history, famous teams, players, matches and more
• Online competitive multiplayer that puts your knowledge against other NBA fans
• Compete against other players to put your favorite team at the top of the leaderboards each week
• Play offline and refresh your NBA knowledge in Practice Mode”

The game is available for free (with in-app purchasing) on the Play Store.

QuizUp Introduce Google Maps Topic to the Popular Quiz Game

QuizUp Introduce Google Maps Topic to the Popular Quiz Game

Apr 9, 2014

Google Maps_android-04

QuizUp offers a wide arrange of topics to test your knowledge of the basic and not so basic stuff. The newest included topic is The Earth From Above where players need to guess where in the world is the place they are shown by Google Maps. The game is available for free here: QuizUp on Google Play.

Trailerpop Receives Multiplayer Update

Trailerpop Receives Multiplayer Update

Oct 30, 2013

Trailerpop: Trailers & Trivia 2

Trailerpop is a quiz about pop-culture that challenges your knowledge of movies, music, art, and people who create them, and gives some fresh trailers . Now it allows you to challenge your friends for the same thing, and see who is more knowledgeable. Trailerpop can be downloaded from here: Trailerpop on Google Play.

Quiz RPG: World of Mystic Wiz Review

Quiz RPG: World of Mystic Wiz Review

Sep 16, 2013

It is common knowledge that free to play collectable card games or monster battle games are a huge hit in Japan. Games like Puzzle and Dragons are so popular in the eastern markets that they’ve been perceived as a threat to the thriving arcade business over there, with at least one arcade banning the playing of that game on its premises. A quick search through the Google Play store will find you a myriad of collectable card type games ranging from Pokemon knockoffs to CCG apps with their own twist. Recently, a new app has appeared in the Google Play store that might be the most unique of the CCG adaptations one has ever seen called Quiz RPG: World of Mystic Wiz.

ku-xlarge (1)

As evidence by the title, Quiz RPG: World of Mystic Wiz mashes the worlds of card wizardry or CCGs with essentially a quiz game. Just like players would see in most any CCG from Magic the Gathering to Digimon, the game requires one to collect different cards with differing elements that are strong or weak against other cards, based on those same elements. As one can do in games like Monster Rancher, players in Quiz RPG can combine their cards or monsters to make them more powerful.

But where this title stands out is how battles are conducted. Randomly, an option of 4 different questions, hidden behind their category, are presented to the player to choose from. Anything and everything you can think of is on the board for the quiz portion of this game too; Lifestyle, Pop Culture, Sports, Geography, you name it, could be a category of question thrown at a player. But its not strategic to just pick categories haphazardly however, as each of the 4 questions will also have an element assigned to it, which will allow whatever cards you have in your hand to attack the enemies one faces.


The questions themselves range in difficulty, anything from the number of NBA titles LeBron James has to the dates and names of ancient greek battles, Quiz RPG exceeds a game like Trivial Pursuit in terms of the broad array of questions it throws at a player, as well as how entertaining it is. Quiz RPG is a bar trivia game meets Digimon in a free to play setting without any paywalls or pay to win elements.

Players will also be shocked with the amount of attention put into the artwork. Done all in an anime style, the game contains an opening video that appears to have had some time put into it. Everything in the game, from the vibrant colors to the stills of the various wizards to even the maps and backgrounds are all beautiful and amazing to look at. It’s clear there was some heart put into Quiz RPG.

Quiz RPG: World of Mystic Wiz has so much going for it and contains so many wonderful things. From the gameplay to the graphics, almost any player can enjoy this game, quiz show fans and eastern card base RPG junkies alike.

Friday Free App Rundown January 12 – Math Games

Friday Free App Rundown January 12 – Math Games

Jan 11, 2013

Math is hard for a lot of people. Try remembering the multiplication tables after being out of school for a few years, it’s near impossible for most people. To keep those sorts of things fresh in the old grey matter, the knowledge needs to be used somewhat frequently. This week we will be talking about some different games to help learn and retain some of those math skills.

Math Maniac

Addition is one of the most basic methods learned to solve a math problem. Math Maniac give a number and its up to the player to find as many number combinations to add up to the given number. Any combination with the correct answer will work as long as they are entered within the allotted time. In this version of Math Maniac , each time a game is started, it starts from level 1. To restart at a previously reached level, an upgrade needs to be purchased.

Download Math Maniac

Math Attack

For a little more advanced players, Math Attack is a game combining several methods to solve math problems. For example, the problem may consist of multiplication and addition or division and addition. To answer, choose from one of the multiple choices shown. Complete the problem in the allotted time to move forward. Progress and statistics are kept. This way it’s easy t see if there is an increase in time or ability.

Download Math Attack

Math Workout

Just like a muscle, working out the mind keeps it fit and trim. Test different skills ranging from simple to taking Online World Challenge. This is a times competition to see how fast one can complete 50 basic math problems. The idea of Math Workout is to use it daily. This should help increase the ability to do basic mental math. Something most people need a little work with.

Download Math Workout

Math Practice Flash Cards

While this one isn’t as much of a game as others, using flashcards can really help with memorizing and problem solving. Create different sets of problems and answer them with either multiple choice or using the number pad. Math Practice Flash Cards works on addition, subtraction, multiplication or division only. If desires, the multiple attempts to answer the problem can be allowed.

Download Math Practice Flash Cards

Kids Math

When kids are learning math, they need to have it be a bit more entertaining. This helps hold their attention a bit longer and makes the math problems more memorable for them. The levels are timed starting at 30 seconds per problem. All 8 levels need to be completed within the allotted time. Give it a spin and make sure the problems are what your child can handle.

Download Kids Math

Quiz Quest Review

Quiz Quest Review

Jun 30, 2011

Some people are fonts of utterly useless knowledge. We’ve all met them, the sort of person who knows what the currency of the former Yugoslavia was before it broke apart, or who can tell you the name of the man the Wright Brothers bought the screws from that went into building the work bench that they used to prop up a part of Wright Flyer II whilst they built it. If you’d like to join the hallowed ranks of the know-it-alls, then Quiz Quest could well be for you. In it, you have to answer a variety of multiple choice questions, from the obscure to the mathematical, the obvious to the geographical. Not just that, you can also challenge people from all over the globe in brain power contests.

The game is pretty simple in its execution. At the start of each round, you pick one of two categories, then answer questions that relate to that category. The quicker you answer the questions, the more points you receive, the more points you receive, the more you can bask in the adulation of your peers. Or something along those lines.

To answer a question, you tap the screen. Get it right and you’re greeted with a cheery chime, get it wrong and it’s a solemn vibration and a flash of despondent red. Shame on you for not knowing the answer to that question, the game says, shame on you. You hang your head, swear an oath to the knowledge gods and move on to the next brain teaser.

Quiz Quest is a nice app, though it could do with a make over. At the moment, it looks a little dowdy and defeated, with menus and screens that don’t have that squeaky clean sheen that the very best can boast about.

Once you’re over the ugly hump, Quiz Quest is a lot of fun. There are a few problems, such as geographical questions without enough geographical information to answer, but they’re few and far between. If you want to become a learned lady or gent, you should point your phone in Quiz Quest’s direction now.

Sporcle Review

Sporcle Review

May 11, 2011

Some apps make themselves essential – they become the first thing you reach for in a given situation, the app you pull out to show your friends just how awesome your phone is. Then there are the apps that you download and forget about, maybe play once or twice before deleting or removing from the home screen.

Sporcle is an app that sits somewhere between the two, not instantly forgettable but lacking any of the necessary accoutrements for greatness. It’s buggy, unwieldy and far from user friendly, but it does have a certain something that’ll stop you from throwing it into the trash.

To all intents and purposes, Sporcle is a quiz game, albeit one that’s not really a game – you’re really playing against your own brain and its store of useless knowledge. It takes quizzes from the Sporcle website and presents them in an Android-friendly format, giving you a time limit for each quiz.

The quizzes are all user submitted and range from the relatively simple to the spectacularly obscure. If you’re looking for an app to make you feel smart, then Sporcle definitely isn’t for you – the quizzes are often punishing in their difficulty, and the UI doesn’t make things any easier.

There’s nothing pleasant about filling in the quizzes on Sporcle – you write your answers with the keyboard, filling them in one by one. Except you can’t skip between questions, only scroll up and down the list, typing answers in to fill in the spaces.

Still, Sporcle isn’t all bad. Some of the quizzes are actually full of useful knowledge, and as a diversion there are worse things to do than learn new things. If you can get past the horrible design and interface, and just how user un-friendly the app is, then you’re probably going to gain a lot from Sporcle. And if you can’t, well, that’s understandable.