Quote Slide Review

Quote Slide Review

Aug 1, 2013

Quotes are really popular. They can really inspire people. When looking through the Google Play Store, there are A LOT of apps having to do with popular quotes. However, there aren’t a lot of games using quotes. Quote Slide is a puzzle game that’s kind of a match 3 type game meets Wheel of Fortune.

When playing, there is a clue to the quote and a lot of letters. Slide the letters into the location they should be and let them go. While the actual action of Quote Slide is pretty easy, it takes a good knowledge of quotes to solve the puzzle in a short amount of time.

quote-slide-6In the mess of letters at the top and left side of the puzzle, there will be similar letters in both spots. The letters can only be placed in the puzzle where the same letters meet in the top and left rows. While it seems like it would be easy and fast to just drag the letters where they fit and the puzzle will be solved, multiple letters can physically be placed into the same location erasing the letter previously placed there.

To help, there are different ways speed things along such as hints and auto placement of some letters. These cost coins. 250 coins are given in the beginning of the game. Coins can be bought using the in-app purchase option. 7500 coins will cost 4.99 in real world money. Other options are also available to purchase but that’s what they say is the best value.

There is also an inspector. The inspector will check the progress and highlight any letters sitting in the wrong place. See how important the coins can be when unsure of the solution?

Each day there is a free puzzle. Others can be purchased for coins. Each puzzle has a little corner banner showing the difficulty level of the puzzle. If buying an individual puzzle isn’t enough, three puzzle packs are available for 500 coins each.