Rabbids Big Bang Review

Rabbids Big Bang Review

Apr 24, 2014

If you don’t know what the heck rabbids are, you just might after Rabbids Big Bang.

Rabbids themselves are adrenaline junkie rabbits that were originally part of the Rayman world and have been spun off mainly on the strength of their zany characters. That crazy attitude is the signature value this game, which has the crazy creatures doing their crazy thing in space.

The game is leveled and task oriented, with the set up being similar to Angry Birds with the 3-star reward system. Our heroes (and I shudder to use the term) are suspended in space, in which abbreviated and whimsical laws of physics apply. The play starts easy; the first is to make contact with three coins that are suspended in a very direct, soft orbital path. Using a tap/point system, it is possible to launch a rabbid to makerab4 contact with said objects. The trick is to guide the launched rabbid in a trajectory that gains all the collectibles. When the inevitable jetpack becomes part of the gameplay, the skill lies in knowing to hit the gas and when to lay-off; with a little bit of technique, it’s possible to coast along and do most of the things that need to be done while space-born. The levels increase in difficulty and creativity as progress is made.

The accumulated gold coins can be used to upgrade a host of things: gear and outfits can all be improved on and/or purchased, with some helping out with potential success. real cash can be used to expedite stuff but isn’t necessary.

Yes, the game does feel a bit like the Angry Birds Space, and that is a blessing and a curse; it does retain enough singularity to be its own rabbid, and while that may not be the best advert, the freemium nature makes it delightfully low-risk.