iBomber Review

iBomber Review

Apr 29, 2013

As far as iOS games go, iBomber had always been one of the more coveted titles for me. Well, the Android version just dropped, so there.

Once the most rabid Android nationalist gets beyond the iMoniker, they are likely to find an interesting WWII-themed game that proves to be challenging and rewarding at the same time.

The name somewhat takes care of the mystery; I served as a bombardier on a WWII Allied bomber, with plenty of missions to accomplish. The top-down action looked realistic enough to someone like me who never graced the bomb bay of even toy planes. Using radar and bomb sights, I had to destroy a lot of stuff on the move. Controls were ultra-simple: tilting mostly, and a few touches to catch bonuses.ibomber1

It took me a few runs to get used to the movements. I was able to move quite well, in fact; it was moving and hitting targets that was not easily done. After figuring out how to adjust airspeed by tilting back, my accuracy increased. To make the bombs count, accuracy was needed. I liked that the game had finite missions that were mostly logical, like keeping cargo ships from leaving the bay, destroying fuel supplies, or a flotilla-themed form of tower defense. There were also plenty of anti-plane mechanized weaponry around, which meant that I couldn’t tarry too long in the air.

And the damage did come. After going down in a swirling haze of shame a few times, I settled on a strategy of living by power-ups. I learned that if I went quickly over the best defended areas, I could procure power-ups like health and upgraded weapons by tapping the revealed symbol.

I liked the gritty, untouched feel of the graphics, though the inelastic borders of this game drove me batty; it seemed tragically unfinished to me in that singular aspect. The Papaya integration was there, so for fans of that specific social networking community, there’s even more to like.

I thought iBomber is an excellent game that thrusts both WWII buffs and casual gamers into the the same boat headed to glory. Mostly.

Free App Recap February 12 – Valentine’s Day Apps

Free App Recap February 12 – Valentine’s Day Apps

Feb 12, 2013

It’s that time of year again. Everyone’s favorite Hallmark holiday where the men either get extra brownie points or fail hard and get the cold shoulder for a long time is upon us. The apps in this week’s Free App Recap are all about Valentine’s day. If there isn’t anyone to treat to a romantic dinner, there’s an app here to help find them.

Valentine’s Day Cards

When the need arises to send a cute little eCard to someone, having an Android app is a good option. This way the cards can be sent while on the go. Valentine’s Day Cards is a great way to send a Valentine’s Day Card using personal images. Select the border and other parts of the card and add in the image. Resize it to fit in the area and look just right.

Download Valentine’s Day Cards


Part of dating is being in the right area as the single people. CupidRadar will help you find people through location-based dating. This means it is a lot easier to make a connection with another single person near you. Need a lunch date? No problem. If you see someone of interest in the list, send them a private message and start chatting.
* Your actual location or coordinates or any information that could reveal your personal physical location are NEVER shown on CupidRadar services

Download CupidRadar

HowAboutWe Dating

HowAboutWe Dating is a pretty cool take on finding a person to date. The after signing up and some basic info is added, a description of an idea for a date to go on. Like spending the day at the museum or tailgating at baseball game. This will help to figure out if there is someone in the list who has some of the same likes and ideas about a date.

Download HowAboutWe Dating

Free App Recap October 23rd: Android Weather Apps

Free App Recap October 23rd: Android Weather Apps

Oct 23, 2012

Mother Nature is fickle. One minute she is all sunshine and birds chirpin’, the next she is raging rain storms and tornadoes. To keep tabs on what she is up to, this week will showcase 3 weather apps for Android. One is a weather widget and the other two apps have more specific uses.


RadarNow! is a really great application for the outdoorsy people who don’t really need to know the temperature so much as what the precipitation is doing. Need to know if that big storm will roll right over the soccer game? RadarNow! is the perfect Android weather radar app for that.

Download RadarNow!

Simple Weather Alert

I haven’t had the pleasure of going through an earthquake of any magnitude but not a Spring goes by when a tornado touches down near where ever I am. Since I am not a regular radio listener or television watcher, getting notified of impending weather is a challenge. Simple Weather Alert is a great app to have as a warning system. Notifications come across for all types of bad weather. Be safe knowing Simple Weather Alert monitors the official National Weather Service alerts for the area. The new warnings appear on the status bar.

Download Simple Weather Alert

GO Weather EX

The GO Dev team make some super awesome apps. The GO Weather EX widget is no different. Like all of the other GO applications, the GO Weather EX widget can be customized with different themes. Like a good weather widget, both the current conditions and forecast are easily accessible. As the weather changes, so does the background of the widget.

Download GO Weather EX

Freaky Friday – Ghost Radar Classic

Freaky Friday – Ghost Radar Classic

Jul 15, 2011

This week’s Freaky Friday app is one that could well be the difference between life and death. Or, more precisely, death and death. Or, even more precisely, it’s a lot of old nonsense that doesn’t mean a thing.

Ghost Radar Classic is a ghost radar; not quite sure why it’s classic, though. It displays a spinning, pretend radar dial, and can, apparently, detect the presence of paranormal phenomenon. You’ll no doubt be glad to know that there are no ghosts, ghouls or poltergeists in my house at the moment, although I’m keeping the app on just in case.

For some reason, the app also keeps saying words at me. It just said “was”. I don’t know what that means. Apparently, Ghost Radar Classic uses the technology in your phone to read the environment around you for the tell tale signs of the paranormal. Still no ghosts here, which is a bit disappointing to be honest.

There are plenty of numbers on the screen, and they keep changing, but the app doesn’t explain what they actually mean. Maybe I am surrounded by ghosts, maybe this post will be my last message to the outside world before I’m slaughtered by unseen terrors from beyond the grave.

If you’re the sort who wants to know whether there are ghosts in your vicinity, then Ghost Radar Classic is almost certainly the app for you. If you’re of a slightly more rational bent, then maybe you should consider downloading something more useful, like an app that just puts random numbers on the screen. Oh. Wait.

Now the app is saying “also” at me. There are still no blips on the radar though, so I think I’m safe. Wait. What was that? Oh good grief, it’s coming out of the walls! It’s coming out of the walls!

Ghost Radar Classic is available now, for free, from the Android Market