Rakoo’s Adventure Review

Rakoo’s Adventure Review

Feb 25, 2014

Rakoo is a critter in love that doesn’t understand that love can be dangerous. Rakoo’s Adventure tells his romantic story.

It is a colorful environment; the game developer does an equitable job of making it outdoorsy. The animations work within the context of the game, and the playing area is ever-moving.

The gameplay evolves at a modest pace. To begin, our lovestruck hero runs from right to left, avoiding fairly sedate obstacles and opponents while collecting flowers for the object of his affections. Once he’s started moving, movement is continuous, and swiping is used to shift him out of the way of stationary or oncoming objects and/or into the path of the flowers. The running path is unlined, but it feels and plays like a multi-laned runner. As one progresses through levels, there is a distinct increase in the difficulty level; animal dangers become faster and consequently more lethal. Some work together to force quick decisions to stay alive via back-and-forth darting. Too rak1many touches of these obstacles usually spells the end of the run.

Eventually, the opposing critters get really crafty, like doubling back from the left side of the screen; this forces the player to not hug the left side as might feel natural, and also encourages faster reaction times.

The game incorporates some arcade elements like power-ups. These usually appear in what seems to be random fashion, and include things like extra lives and flower magnets. They are helpful, and sometimes almost necessary. The helpers start getting more creative; there is one that fires on obstacles and obliterates them. One unique feature is the somewhat fluid nature the running direction; it is possible to go back to get a missed object that been passed as long it is still on the screen. It’s leveled gameplay, with bosses and achievements; the gameplay is altogether fun without being too silly, and this is part of its charm.

It’s a great free-to-play game that has plenty of levels, and well worth a look.