Rayman Fiesta Run Review

Rayman Fiesta Run Review

Feb 10, 2014

Rayman is back with a brand new swing — literally — in Rayman Fiesta Run from Ubisoft.

Per intro, the developer is able to sufficiently tiptoe the delicate line between engaging graphics and borderline silliness, with an enviable use of color to accompany the smooth animations. Even the “little” things, like the title character’s body contortions, are remarkably well done.

This is another one of those platform games that refuses to be restricted by simplistic stereotypes. The direction changes often, with lane changes further into the gameplay that help create an environment that is deliciously disorienting in its presentation. Collectible “lums” line the runway, and sometimes take a bit of doing to get to. Thankfully, Rayman, after being initially launched, runs continually, and can be made to jump by tapping the screen. Jumping helps with the irregular aspects of the runway; sometimes, walls appear (or form) during the run, to which a ray1timed jump assists with climbing the walls and clearing the obstacle and/or accessing goodies.

What sets the gameplay apart is the rapidly evolving running area. The moving pieces add to the complexity, and there are even truck portions that elicit non-optimal reactions. Another fun aspect involves the different environments: snowy, sun-drenched, watery and more. Rayman meets each with aplomb; even swimming is not too much of chore. There are fairies and bouncy objects that serve as helpers.

The gameplay is leveled, and each level is graded, Angry Birds-style, based on the amount of collectibles garnered. Levels can be repeated, which is perfect for OCD gamers like me. After the end point is reached in each level, performance is measured and points assigned. There are even boss levels and beings that give chase to tangle with.

The game is varied enough for it not to be boring, which is a usually a tall order. It dues well to keep it popping, and to keep players guessing. It’s not the cheapest game, so the in-app purchase option to upgrade artwork or heroes might be unnerving, but real cash is not necessary to enjoy the game.