Kickstarter Spotlight: Read Only Memories

GaymerX and Midboss are attempting to crowdfund their first original game, after the success of their eponymous conference in 2013. Entitled Read Only Memories, this adventure game is planned for Ouya, before later releasing on Android proper.

The plan is to make Read Only Memories a futuristic adventure game in the style of Snatcher. Players play as a journalist in Neo-San Francisco in first-person, receiving a ROM named Turing, described as “an intelligent device that has replaced all personal mobile technology.” This leads players on an adventure through the futuristic city and its many diverse inhabitants. Few details about the story are known beyond the basic premise, which promises that the game should be full of surprises.


The pixel art is definitely evocative of the 16-bit era of consoles that Snatcher originated on, and a soundtrack from Jake “Virt” Kaufman, Aethernaut, 2 Mello, and Radiofred should help to create the cyberpunk atmosphere that the game is going for. The Kickstarter page even includes some sample tracks from the soundtrack.

This game will try to live up to the principles of GaymerX and their convention, which was meant to be welcoming to gamers of queer backgrounds and otherwise, and features many characters of diverse gender and sexual orientations. It’s not described as a “gay game” per se, just as one that happens to take place in a world where LGBTQ characters are an active part of the world. In fact, players are even able to identify as the gender and sexual orientation of their choice, including their choice of pronouns to be used. The overwhelming majority of games don’t factor these sorts of things into their design, so a game that is explicitly built around making players of diverse backgrounds feel welcome, and even for players to try and see things through a different identity is something that needs to exist in greater number, and part of what makes this Kickstarter so interesting and worthwhile.


The game is being built in multi-platform engine Unity, and will be coming to Ouya as part of the Free the Games Fund where Ouya matches funds pledged to the Kickstarter. This means that it will be an Ouya exclusive for six months, before it releases on Android proper.

Right now, Read Only Memories is just short of being funded. With eight days left of publication, they’ve gotten over $44,000 in funding toward their $62,064 goal. KickTraq has them trending toward just reaching their goal, and those interested in helping out can do so from this link.