Max Awesome Review

Max Awesome Review

Mar 19, 2013

Some of us fly motorcycles over the grand canyon; others live vicariously through games like Max Awesome from Chillingo/RebelCrew Games. The game is a side-scrolling action game that introduces us to a funky-haired wanna-be motorcycle daredevil named Max.

The very first challenge doubled as a tutorial. I learned hot to do flips, to duck and jump. The controls were placed well; I had forward and backward movement buttons oriented for my right thumb, with flip buttons and jump/duck buttons to the left. The basic premise was to finish the courses and tasks as quickly as possible, which was interesting, as it was quite a challenge to keep Max alive to finish the course at times.

I raced from left to right on different type of tracks, having to use the skills I learned. I found it hilarious that collisions caused a winged Max to leave his physical manifestation and head upwards as a spirit prematurely freed by death. This was a fun little twist that gave the game a whimsical character.

The gameplay was spread among three categories: Max, The Rising Star, followed by Humble Beginnings and The Final Showdown, each with twenty levels. The levels were varied, and I got to re-do the completed ones. the challenges had rolling totals (except for the “challenge” levels, where I had to complete all the challenges in one run). Further levels had to be unlocked by performance.

There was stuff like golden helmets to collect, and the in-app store had a lot of accessories and attribute-increasing items. Additionally, earned fame points could be used to unlock levels. I was able to enjoy the game without an in-app purchase, but they clearly expedited progress.

Max Awesome is the game Evel Knievel would have played had he grown up with a tablet today. In a way, i think we are glad that he didn’t.