Beetle Breaker Review

Beetle Breaker Review

Apr 2, 2014

First things first: Beetle Breaker, at first blush, looks very, very familiar. Big catapults, creatures flung through the air to destroy objects and performance measured by stars. Yep, we’ve seen it.

But hold on one hot second. No smirking pigs, differing angles, and, most notably, no exploding balls of feathers. So, yeah, it looks old hat, but has enough variation to stand mostly on its own two legs.

Instead of angry birdies, we get cool (but explosive) bugs. They all generally have an explosive quality; the first one simply explodes after launch. The idea is to use the mega-slingshot to create a bug-projectile that blows up the target piece of wood in front of it, with the goal to eliminate as much of the obstacle as is necessary to bb6unlock the next level of play. Striking the target generally causes a big explosion.

The bugs come in different variations: the simple exploding one, one that splits into two when tapped before hitting the target, one that drops mines while coasting overhead, and more. These all come handy at some points, as the game engine and starts spitting out harder problems… stuff like very irregular, disjointed pieces, or ones with hollow parts that need combined bug powers to get through. Additionally, there are quests to complete, and leftover threshold have to be met to hope to get a 3-star score.

One unique aspect is that the walls can be used to rebound beetles, like one would play Air Hockey. This opens up a bit of strategy with regards to some levels of play. Good runs yield coins which can be used to purchase boosts.

Graphically, it retains Chillingo-quality design characteristics, which is a good thing. It looks glossy without being cheap, and the animations are top-notch. The color is a touch muted, but all in all, comes together very well visually.