Fate of the Pharaoh Review

Fate of the Pharaoh Review

Apr 1, 2013

Fate of the Pharaoh is a fun simulation set in, well, ancient Egypt. In this game, I worked as an Adviser to Pharaoh, tasked with rebuilding the empire after a victorious but devastating war.

It’s a G5 game, so I expected nice graphics. I wasn’t disappointed. I found the rich graphics, sharp animations and fine detail that we all have come to expect from G5.

There were two modes: Adventure Mode (timed) and Relaxed Mode. Anyone who has read my reviews knows I am a sucker for tutorials, and thus, this gamee found a way to my heart early on. The teaching section allowed me to use taps to get a basic understanding of gameplay: accruing money, and the different ways you can spend it. I learned that to progress, I had to finish tasks and manage resources.

The gameplay mostly made sense, with the contributing segments logically connected. To build structures, I needed money. To get money, I had to tax citizens. But money wasn’t the only thing I needed to build the structures necessary to revitalize the kingdom; as noted, I also needed materials. Well, to procure materials, I had to build quarries. I had to figure what I needed, and then I monitored production.

With the successful completion of a level, I got a nifty stat sheet — with accompanying fireworks — that gave me a measure of taxes, wealth/happiness, a “Time of Ra Bonus” and resources. They each had a point value, and they all added up to a total.

I liked the little things that tied the gameplay together. I loved the little ominous snake, and the way it blocked progress; I had to move it, and the interaction with the worker that I sent while doing so was cool to see. And yes, clearing the roadways cost money. Water wells brought happiness, and diminishing water supplies did the opposite, as well as reduced the tax amounts I could get from thirsty citizens. I also liked the achievements. I can see how monotony might be a risk, but the leveled type gameplay should alleviate that somewhat.

Some might also balk at the cost of unlocking the higher levels.

It was a fun game… plenty of gameplay, and fun to look at. It is definitely a game that begs for higher end devices, but I think is well worth the download.