OfficeDrop Review

OfficeDrop Review

Jul 26, 2012

Many companies are eliminating paper from the office as much as possible. Reasons range from cost savings, the environmental benefits to ease of organizing and searching for the document later. Whatever the reason, OfficeDrop can help go paperless.

OfficeDrop turns the camera of an Android phone into a scanner. Most Android devices have a 3 megapixel or better camera, making them ideal for this type of task. The key to using OfficeDrop is to have a steady hand.

Using OfficeDrop is a breeze because of the layout. All of the functions on the main screen are marked well. Once an image is taken on the Android, a preview of the scan is shown. If the picture is blurry, give it another try. I found using the regular camera app and uploading the image gave me the best results. Using the OfficeDrop camera resulted in blurry images in testing. The onbly downside to using the stock camera was the upload time. Uploading the 8MP image took considerably longer.

OfficeDrop requires an account so the uploaded files have a place to be stored. Sharing the images with OfficeDrop is done a couple of ways. Either use the share menu in your image gallery or select an image through the OfficeDrop app. When an image is uploaded, it is converted to a PDF. Tagging is an option when uploading.

The free account offers 5GB of cloud storage which is a lot for storing receipts and 1 page documents. Uploading a single file is limited to 1GB per file. Unless a very large multi-page document image is uploaded taken with a high resolution camera, reaching this limit will be a challenge.

Once everything is uploaded, the converted files can be arranged into folders to keep everything nice and organized. After the folder is created for a project or event, the converted images can be sorted at the time of the upload.