HUE Camera FX Photo Editor Review

HUE Camera FX Photo Editor Review

Feb 13, 2012

Somewhere along the line I missed the “Learn Photoshop” train. Although it’s on my list of things to do and learn, I rely on easy to use, point and click, nothing fancy photo editing programs. Usually I only need to fix some color or remove redeye. HUE Camera FX fits the bill in mobile form. From start to finishing HUE Camera FX is technically all anyone will possibly need. Take photos, retouch blemishes, adjust colors and add layered effects all with a touch of the finger. When it’s done, easily share the finished product on Facebook, Google+ and more.

HUE Camera FX allows users to have control over the look of their photos from beginning to end. With HUE Camera FX users begin by choosing a preset lighting scheme. From there users can pick from an array of color options ranging from black and white, to negative, Polaroid, and even individual hue/saturation color effects. What puts HUE Camera FX above other on the go photo editing apps is its automatic layering effect. Want to enhance the reds and place them over a sepia-colored photo? No problem. Add a sepia layer then a layer of the red hue/saturation effect. A drag of the finger over the photo and voila, red appears on sepia anywhere the screen is touched.

Sadly, what makes HUE Camera FX so great is also the app’s biggest downfall. Rather, the inability to zoom in and do precision work is. It is practically impossible to enhance and touch up blemishes to small areas like eyes, hair or even small background objects using a finger. HUE Camera FX attempts to correct this issue by allowing users to adjust the erase and color tool’s size but my finger is still too large for many of the jobs I know this app could otherwise accomplish. I felt teased by all the potential I could see in this app; all I wanted was a zoom tool.

Overall HUE Camera FX has amazing potential. The color effects are simple and easy to use. The app intuitively creates layers for even more “advanced” editing. If only there were a way to complete precision work this app would be perfect.