Hotel Transylvania 2 Review

Hotel Transylvania 2 Review

Sep 28, 2015

Every now and then, a compelling cartoon can be followed or accompanied by an equally interesting game adaptation. Hotel Transylvania 2, based off of the recently released movie sequel, definitely looks to be just that.

As to be expected, it’s loosely based on the high jinks created by the, uh mixed relationship that is the outcome of the first iteration. Now, the formerly monster-only inn has aspirations to include –gasp! — humans.

Oh dear..

The game starts sedately enough, with a some sardonic text box dialogue between Drac and Johnny that is initiated by tapping on former. The intro talk relates to the hotel, and the need to cater to less spooky clientele. This leads us on into the gameplay.

The main idea propagated is the need to build and complete tasks. As noted, each task is mostly related to building and maintaining the facilities. After that, another concept is is to level up and “open” characters, ultimately, one can get cash and XP points which allow one to have access to more actions.


The tasks are interesting and whimsical at the same time. One character might need an object only another could find, or to soothe the one, another must strum music on a ukulele. The game does a good job of using arrows at the onset to help players along, and then, it continues to use a notification system to help the player move on. It flows surprisingly well together, with an increasing number of characters (and consequently required resources), all being dependent on each other to achieve goals and expand. Everything has a cost, and this underscores the game. Quests do take time to accomplish, so not everything is instantaneous, and a lot of these can be expedited for a price. Unlocked items are also a benefit of task completion.

Visually, fans of the movies should be pleased; this one retains the silly charm that is reflected in the movie, with its severe characterizations and vivid use of color.

In some ways, it feels a tad simplistic. It’s easy to get into the crafting, but an opportunity costs built in would probably be welcome. I liked the concept of building and improving the grounds though.

Put together, it’s a fun diversion, chock-full of funny endeavors and familiar faces, and easily worth a look.

Visit Your Favorite Locations From the Films in Mobile Game Hotel Transylvania 2 Out Now on iOS and Android

Visit Your Favorite Locations From the Films in Mobile Game Hotel Transylvania 2 Out Now on iOS and Android

Sep 24, 2015

Reliance Games has today announced that a mobile game version of Hotel Transylvania 2 is out now on iOS and Android.

In Hotel Transylvania 2, you’ll create and customize a monster land in your very own design and then let your friends visit it.

You’ll also do a bit of traveling of your own. You’ll get the chance to visit recognizable locations from the movies like the Graveyard, Quasimodo’s Kitchen, Jump Tower, and others where you’ll find your favorite characters waiting for you.

Popular characters like Drac, Mavis, Mummy, Frank, Dennis, Wayne, Blobby, Griffin, Zombie Belhop, and The Skeleton Mariachi Band are all there and ready to give you some quirky quests to complete.

These will require you to conjure a sandstorm, turn into a bat, eat scream cheese, and even do the Vamp Dance for gold and other collectibles.

You’ll also get a chance to play some fun mini-games like the Terror Wheel which earns you decorations and other exciting rewards for successful spins.

So pop on over to the App Store [download] or Google Play [download] right now to check out Hotel Transylvania 2.

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Shadow Strike Review

Shadow Strike Review

Jul 30, 2015

Shadow Strike is a somewhat controversial, but pretty high-quality action game for the fans of American military. It’s a game about war drones, and gives the player control over a drone, completing various missions for US military. I wouldn’t want to ignore the elephant in the room, and say that the game feels somewhat dark. I’m not sure if this was the intention of the developers, or it’s simply my own bias showing through, but the game almost feels aware of the themes that it presents. The commanding officer of the player looks just a little too villainous, and the bleak, blue-tinted night-vision screen detaches the player from whatever is happening on the screen so well, you almost don’t want to switch to the regular, full-color mode. I’m certain that I read into the game too much, so if anything, let my weird uncanny feeling be a sort of a compliment to the game’s quality.

The gameplay of Shadow Strike is pretty straightforward: there’s a progression of missions, where the player gets to complete certain objectives, such as destroying aShadow Strike 4 VIP vehicle, protecting a convoy, or simply search-and-destroy, activating and aiming the drone’s weapons systems. If the player completes the main goal, and any of the additional ones, he gets a cash reward and a rank progression. The cash can be spent on upgrading the drone itself, or its weapons. There’s a number of weapons with varying characteristics that can be purchased, or upgraded. Additional systems of the drone include countermeasures that let the player shoot down the enemy RPGs, and armor that can soak up several hits before the drone is destroyed. The game looks good, and sounds good. I didn’t play it long enough to get to the paywall, but insofar, it’s a been pretty sweet ride.

Overall, Shadow Strike is an energetic free-to-play action game that definitely puts some effort into itself. It’s definitely for the fans of everything militaristic. I have no doubts that it already has a bunch of dedicated fans, and since it has some additional content released for it already, that it’s going to last for a while. So, if you like the idea of piloting a war drone and reigning hell on the enemies of the state, this is most certainly a great game for you.

Real Steel Champions Comes to Android

Real Steel Champions Comes to Android

Mar 21, 2015

Real Steel Champions, a game based on the Real Steel franchise, is now available on Android.

Reliance Games today announced Real Steel Champions is now available for Android. Based on the popular movie title franchise and the latest in a series of hit Real Steel games from Reliance and DreamWorks SKG, Real Steel Champions features the most comprehensive and customizable Build-a-Robot mode in the series’ history.

The Real Steel franchise has amassed over 50 million passionate robot battling fans across Android and iOS. Real Steel Champions continues the winning tradition with a host of headlining features: 10 new arenas, a nearly unlimited combination of robots to choose from, a new Tournament mode which includes 20 fights with four ruthless bosses, each prepped to go the distance. Players can perfect their jabs, crosses, feints and haymakers across 30 challenges, 90 Time Attack fights and practice their glove game in the unlimited Free Sparing mode.

The game is available for free (with in-app) purchasing on the Play Store.

Boom! Tanks Review

Boom! Tanks Review

Jul 11, 2014

Nothing soothes the nerves like a good virtual tank battle, and Boom! Tanks looks like a compelling option in the tested genre.

The game boils down to tank battle via attrition. The early going explains the basics of the gameplay and associated elements. In a nutshell, the players tank has a designated enemy unit that it must get its sights on. When this is accomplished, one has to fire while absorbing damage from the event tank. The end goal is to destroy said tank before it destroys the players machine.

The sighting mechanism is intuitive without being too simplistic, and involves the use of a moving target that needs to be lined up with a targeting icon on the enemy unit; thankfully, the game gives valuable cues to let the player know when perfect aim has been achieved. And then both tanks engage.

Each tank has a life bar, and they are depleted by hits. When one is completely emptied out, the battle ends with boom1the victor and the vanquished. If the player is the former, the spoils of war include a game cash payout (based on performance and bonuses), which is great for the upgrades which become quite necessary down the line. The player also gets experience points, and can play unlocked newer opponents, each with unique tank commanders.

The upgrade mechanism is fairly straightforward, and affords players the ability to get better equipment with more competitive attributes. In some cases, picking a specific tank can give a boost in one category, but may lack significantly in another; for instance, reload time is a serous issue. Picking a tank with rapid fire fixes this deficiency, but at the cost of better armor. Multiplayer feens will like that play option, and the leveling element gives it a another challenge angle. The tanks can be customized, and there are several iconic ones too.

The graphics are superb, with excellent use of visual perspective and faux lighting, and several different scenes ranging from icy landscapes to desert locales. The sub-menus feel a bit over-involved in places, and the accumulation of game money is glacial; real money can be used. I do think it feels a bit one-dimensional, outside the game modes provided.

For basic, unadulterated tank battle fun, it is a better-than-decent offering that had just the right amount of escalating challenge.

Hunger Games: Panem Run Review

Hunger Games: Panem Run Review

Nov 25, 2013

Yes, I watched Hunger Games. I have two daughters, okay? Yes, I cheered Katniss on. Yes, I rooted for her district. And yes, I was ecstatic for her and Peeta.

Don’t judge me. It was quality time with my kids. It’s also why I was quite happy to take Hunger Games: Panem Run for a spin.

It’s a running game in the same vein as Temple Run, but I think with a little more functional pizzaz. It is built with the same general three-lane concept, with the top down view of the running character. As with most games of this type, there are plenty of obstacles to prevent long runs; the chasers here are the fearsome engineered tracker jacker wasps. Gesture actions control the movements of the runner; swiping left to the right moves the runner one step in either direction, while swiping up invokes jumping and swiping down makes the runner take a ducking slide. Gold collectibles and powerups line the raceway, and be collected by running or jumping into them.hg1

One element is the ability to craft better weapons that increase attributes. Using materials procured during runs, it is possible to use cash to upgrade stuff like arrows. Another excellent feature is the incorporation of multiplayer capabilities, which allows competition between Facebook friends and/or random opponents.

The scenery is definitely one of the better parts of the game. The action is well crafted, and there is enough variation to keep the gameplay mostly fresh. From the way the running lanes condense to one lane to one lane and back again, to the varying backdrops, to the quality and creativity of the obstacles: it all comes together quite well. The graphics are glossy slick, with smooth animations and an enviable attention to detail.

The crafting process seemed a bit convoluted, but the straightforward points/game cash system mostly makes up for it. Real cash can be used, but isn’t mandatory to play.

It’s a tasty game that somehow is not a boring endless runner, and being free to play is the cherry on top.