Pocket Cloud Explore Review

Pocket Cloud Explore Review

Mar 15, 2012

Connecting devices through wireless technology has been a common practice among advanced and even average tech gadget users. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi make transferring files possible without the hassle of using wires and cables to connect two devices. The free version allows for one remote computers and an upcoming paid version will allow 10 remote computers.

PocketCloud Explore takes this technology to another level with its remote desktop access function. It allows the user to access PC/MAC files from the phone. To put it simply, PocketCloud Explore is a link between the phone and the desktop computer.

One doesn’t need to have advanced technical know-how to use this app. It only requires the user to install the PocketCloud-provided software on the desktop in addition to installing the app for the Android device (phone/tablet). The desktop software works for both Windows and Mac.

It may be daunting to try this app to an average user, but the desktop software is quite easy to install by following prompts from the installation wizard. Before the installation finishes, there is a prompt to enter the user’s Google log in details. When this is done, the user can then use the phone app to access the desktop’s contents. Note that the desktop must have an Internet connection for the phone app to work.

The phone app’s interface is intuitive so it wouldn’t be a problem for someone who’s familiar with apps like file managers – because it’s exactly what it looks like. Except with PocketCloud Explorer, the name of the desktop computer that it is connected to is shown on the home screen. The app will try to detect the desktop and if it has Internet connectivity. If it does, it should automatically connect with the device.

Once a connection between phone and desktop is enabled, the user can now tap on the desktop’s computer name and explore the files and folders in it. Files can be transferred from the desktop to the phone, and vice versa.

Transfer of files are considerably fast even in a 3G mobile data connection, although it does take a few extra seconds for the desktop folders to load. Considering this little app is trying to access a huge amount of files, this is fairly acceptable.

Other than creating, renaming and deleting files and folders, there are no extra features for this app. This makes it very straightforward in its objective. This is a good thing, considering the app’s main function is a bit more advanced than regular apps, and needs less complications for optimum performance.

The app is very useful, but functionality may be hampered by the fact that not all files in the desktop can be opened from the phone. Files types using MS Office requires that same program installed on the phone as well. However, apps like QuickOffice and DocumentsToGo are available to open document file types. This also goes for other media file types that may not be supported by the phone’s media player.

PocketCloud Explore is not a file storage service, so it does require the desktop computer to be running with Internet connectivity for the app to work. This may be okay with most people, but some might not like the idea of leaving their computer on and connected while they are away. In this case, these people might prefer a file storage app more than a remote desktop access app.

PocketCloud Explore is a unique and handy tool when the situation calls for it. For phone users who like to have access to their files on the go (without having to bring any storage devices or mobile computers), this app is a welcome idea.

The purpose of the app alone is quite impressive, and it delivers what it promises the user.The interface is user-friendly enough for both new and advanced Android users and performance is stable and fast.

It’s not feature-rich and is devoid of any extra perks, but that may be something that is not necessary for now and may come as the developers improve the app over time.

At the end of the day, it comes down to what a user needs and prefers. Cloud storage services for enormous data can cost a lot of money, so an app like PocketCloud Explore is definitely a great alternative. It’s fast and secure, it does what it’s supposed to do and most importantly, it’s free. The value of the app overshadows its flaws, and we can confidently conclude that this app is an excellent tool for accessing data remotely.