Remote Web Desktop Review

Remote Web Desktop Review

May 12, 2011

Most Android phones contain a robust set of features that could be made just a little more useful with a keyboard and mouse. Remote Web Desktop blends your PC with your Android phone, allowing you to access many of the phone’s features from your computer. In theory, this sounds like an amazingly useful app, but in practice, things are a little different.

Remote Web Desktop is extremely easy to use. Just fire up the app, and click the start button. Then, just use your computer’s web browser to browse to the address it gives you. Once there, you have access to a wide variety of features, such as taking screen captures of your phone, using your phone’s built-in camera as a webcam, You can even access your contacts, and send text messages through an interface that’s remarkably similar to an email client like Outlook Express.

All of these features sound extremely useful, unfortunately, most of them don’t work as advertised. The colors were incorrect in each screen capture taken using the app, the webcam never actually displayed a picture, and the contacts list just keeps loading without ever actually showing anything.

There is one completely functional feature in Remote Web Desktop that almost makes it worth buying – the file browser. You can easily brows your phone’s storage as well as upload and download files with ease. This feature is great if you move a lot of files back and forth between your phone and computer. No need for a USB cable – just browse to Remote Web Desktop, and move files around.

It’s also worth noting that your phone has to be rooted to take advantage of many of the features this app offers. so if your phone isn’t rooted, or if you’re not comfortable rooting it, you probably don’t want to pick this app up. This is a serious issue given that many Android phones currently on the market can’t be rooted.

Remote Web Desktop offers a great set of features, but that doesn’t mean much if it won’t work correctly on your phone. It’s entirely possible that the phone we reviewed the app on had compatibility issues, so you may want to download the demo version and test drive it for yourself. If it works, then it’s well worth the money. If not, then you’re probably better off forgetting about it.