G5 Entertainment Bringing 5 Titles to Android, Appropriately Enough

G5 Entertainment Bringing 5 Titles to Android, Appropriately Enough

Jun 22, 2011

G5 Entertainment, developers of casual games for iOS, PC, and Mac, are making their way to Android at last. The games will vary from time management to puzzle games, and all will be free downloads with the ability to unlock the full game via in-app purchase. A rundown of titles with trailers follows:

Supermarket Mania: This time management game, one of G5 Entertainment’s most popular titles, involves helping main character Nikki manage 5 supermarkets through 50 story mode levels and an endless mode, featuring an online leaderboard.

Stand O’Food: This game involves making food, building burgers, sandwiches, and other assorted foodstuffs for hungry customers. The game features both Quest and Lunch Rush modes, over 100 levels, over 80 sandwiches to make, and 20 upgrades to purchase for use in the game.

Mahjongg Artifacts: This puzzle game, based on the classic tile-based Mahjongg game, features Story, Classic, and Endless modes, on top of gorgeous and colorful backgrounds. Special tiles are also available to mix up the gameplay from the classic Mahjongg gameplay.

Mahjongg Artifacts: Chapter 2: Didn’t get enough of the first Mahjongg Artifacts? Only play sequels? Then good news, the follow-up to Mahjongg Artifacts will be available at the same time as the original. This game features a Quest mode, a Classic mode featuring 99 levels, and an Endless mode, to go along with more special tiles, backgrounds, and new powerups.

Success Story: This “arcade-style time management game” has players building burgers, serving french fries, and dishing out delicious desserts to a queue of starving patrons, all without the smell of fast food on clothing. Granted, it doesn’t come with the paycheck, either, but this game promises to be more fun than real-life food service. 10 different restaurants, and 7 mini-games await those looking to serve food without actually serving food.

All 5 games will be available from the Android Market as free downloads starting on June 30th.