Riptide GP2 Review

Riptide GP2 Review

Jul 24, 2013

When it comes to game sequels, it can be tough to follow successful titles. Some development houses (looking at you, Rovio) seem to do it so effortlessly.

Well, add veteran development house Vector Unit to the short list, because Riptide GP2 brings it in a big way.

Riptide GP2 is one of those games that come by only so often. It somehow recreates the magic in the original installment and spits out a sexier product. It starts with the graphics; there is so much action trapped in the pixels. The artwork is superbly done, with excellent use of perspective angles. The water comes across as quite life-like, and the visual representation of stuff like spray and battling racers is animation at its best. The sound rip1effects are just as appropriate. It’s a highly enjoyable feast for the senses.

The gameplay is fluid, and it brings to mind Vin Diesel on jetskis. Set on different courses, the player gets to race against other hydro jet racers on specially crafted waterways. The raceways do have a realistic but arcade-y feel, with the windy paths and jump-inducing ramps. The ramps open up the possibility of the cool mid-air stunts, which are invoked by multitouch gestures. The game’s career mode is full featured too, with XP to be obtained for performance.

Which brings us to the upgrade mechanism… equipment can be upgraded, and as progress is made through career mode, upgrades are needed to be continually competitive. Game cash (as well as the aforementioned XP) can be garnered by good finishes in the races, and real cash can be used to augment earned cash, but isn’t necessarily required. With other elements like an interactive tutorial, online competition and Google cloud functionality added in, the game becomes even more compelling.

All in all, it’s a fine reboot that does the burgeoning franchise very well. This game is a keeper, and is one of the best sims around.