Robo Defense Review

Robo Defense Review

Feb 17, 2011

If you’ve ever played a tower defense game, you already know the basics of Robo Defense. Enemies move in waves from an entrance to an exit, and you have to set up various towers to stop them. Like most tower defense games, Robo Defense offers a wide variety of towers, each of which comes with upgrade options. Each type of tower works well against a different type of enemy. If you’re facing fast-moving enemies, set up some freeze towers to slow them down. If you’re up against flying enemies, set up some anti-air towers, and so on.

Robo Defense also includes the same set of maps you’d expect in any competent tower defense game. There’s a basic map where the enemies enter on the left hand side, and exit on the right hand side, with no obstacles in their way. a map called The Ruins where enemies can come from any number of entrances, and make their way to any of the exits on the map, and a VR map where you can dictate how many entrances, exits, and obstacles the map will have.

Robo Defense has all the trappings of a competent tower defense game, but it goes above and beyond the competition in a number of ways. For starters, there’s a persistent points system in place that allows you to unlock new types of towers, and purchase permanent tower upgrades, such as increased bullet strength. Each time you kill an enemy or win a match, you are awarded points. In addition to upgrade points, Robo Defense also sets itself apart by offering multiple levels of difficulty. The higher the difficulty level, the more permanent upgrades you’ll need to make it to the final wave of enemies.

While the gameplay in Robo Defense is top notch as tower defense games go, the presentation is another story. The graphics are overly simple, even for a mobile game, and the menus, while effective, are completely plain, and lack any sense of style. Despite the simple presentation, the game still hitches up from time to time when there’s a lot happening on screen. The hitching is never bad enough to interfere with gameplay, but if you’re expecting a completely smooth, flawless experience, you won’t find it here.

Despite basic presentation, and occasional hiccups with the frame rate, Robo Defense is still one of the best tower defense experiences you can expect to find on a phone. With many levels of difficulty, and a robust, persistent set of upgrades, Robo Defense will keep you coming back for more.