Robo5 Review

Robo5 Review

Mar 6, 2013

Robots (cute ones) and puzzles? Now this I want to see.

Robo5 is another one of those zaney numbers that pulls in lovable robots, blocks and an urge to escape into a delightful Android puzzle game that almost demands to be solved.

The game was all about helping the robot escape the confines of the lab. The playing areas were generally heavily made up of boxes, and I generally had to make it to the exit at the top og the conglomeration of boxes. Now, to complicate matters, I sometimes had to move boxes… but not all boxes could me moved. Also, there were rules of egress, like needing “stepped” boxes to move up. I could do a “spiderman” on boxes if I moved down, and could move sideways for instance, but couldn’t scale upwards on the sides of two boxes.

Speed mattered. I wanted to get up to the apex exit as quickly as possible. The one thing that became apparent was that moving directly up was not only difficult, it was sometimes not the optimal strategy. I found there were times I had to guide the robot down, or slide a bx out and then back in a time or two to create a workable path. The collectible goodies and handicaps were fun diversions, and some were placed out of the way to increase the difficulty level.

I was graded on finishing and speed, but in the last level of every set, the race to the top was literally timed against a countdown clock, meaning I had to make it before running out of battery life and failing by default.

The animations were really nice; the robot literally looked, well, robot-y, with stiff mannerisms and wobbly legs. The browns looked great in the “light” sources of the game area.

It was a fun game, and with 40 levels (plus 5 hidden ones) and two alternate endings, there is plenty of playing to get involved in.