Robot Battler ‘Turbine Fighter’ Launches on Google Play

Robot Battler ‘Turbine Fighter’ Launches on Google Play

Nov 11, 2016

If you crave battling robots (and, seriously, we all do), Animoca’s newest, Turbine Fighter might just be the ticket.

Turbine Fighter meshes conspiracy, RPG elements and action to create an adventure game based on the so-called art of turbine-powered robot fighting.

It goes down in Rasen City, and it’s all about making the best robot battling creations around by continually improving upon them; then, one can race these “tankbots” or fight them in set out arenas in real time. The physics component is promised to be topnotch, and there is also a host of unique weapons.

There are also non-optimal entities — like organized crime — that players need to contend with, giving even more body to the overall gameplay. In the end, winning the Turbine Fighter championship is the ultimate goal.

The game also includes a “Global Battle System” that allows players to challenge other players online.

All this goodness is free (with in-app purchases). Check out the trailer:

[via Animoca Brand Press Release]

Ironkill: Robot Fighting Game Launches on Android

Ironkill: Robot Fighting Game Launches on Android

Nov 20, 2014

Fans of robot fighting are in for a treat: Ironkill: Robot Fighting Game has just launched on Android.

The game is leveled robot combat game, with plenty of opportunities for upgrades and such. The graphics are pretty nice, and the controls are quite intuitive.

In the near future world of Ironkill, cybernetics have unleashed an incredibly violent new form of combat on the world. To succeed, players will customize and level up robots as they fight a succession of ever-tougher matches against mechanical opponents from around the world in a quest for dominance. Brutal but intuitive button-mashing combat, a plethora of mechanical warriors with outsize personalities, and extensive options for research, customization and leveling up all come together to set the new standard for robot fighting.

“Ironkill will transport mobile gamers to a fun new global arena where they can hone their robot fighting skills against mechanized killing machines,” said Prabodh Pallu, Executive Producer of Ironkill. “Get ready to amass a team of killer robots, fight the toughest carbon and steel warriors around, and destroy all opponents on your path to worldwide dominance.”

As Ironkill begins, a devastated world has been rebuilt by robot workers from three factions—Greater Asia, African Union, and the Americas. However, the bulk of the surviving population lives in massive slums. The only way to escape is to become an elite champion in robot vs. robot Ironkill fighting leagues that are popular the world over. Smash or be smashed in a global struggle as robot warriors from opposing factions do battle in stunning outdoor arenas. Each faction has strengths and weakness versus other factions, and this can be the difference in a close fight.

We had a chance to check out a pre-release build, and can tell you that we like the gameplay. The game is available for free (with optional in-app purchasing) on the Play Store.

KickStarter Spotlight: RK-1

KickStarter Spotlight: RK-1

Jun 19, 2013

It is no secret that in the last few decades the United States has fallen behind the rest of the educated world in math and science. These are major academic fields not just support American industries, but help make us a major world power. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, our children are not absorbing these subjects as they used to, and I feel that this is because we do not encourage the tinkering with electronics and robotics like we used to. Speaking from the point of view of an engineer, I can say that there is definitely a dearth of these resources available to kids and teenagers.

Many like-minded entrepreneurs have tried their hand at attempting to bridge this gap, and there are many quality products on the market. One new product combines electronics and robotics with an an RC car in a smart attempt to make these subjects more appealing. The RK-1, as it is called, is nothing more than a rectangular acrylic box housing for the micro controller with four wheels connected by tank-style treads. Sporting an Arduino micro controller that can be controlled over wifi through any smartphone or tablet the RK-1 has a lot of potential as an entry level engineering device.

The biggest feature of this device is that it is completely hands on. It comes in a kit, assembly required, and every add-on goes through the typical output ports that are commonplace to electrical engineers like myself. The project delivers a great feeling of freedom; allowing the user to strap custom sensors and lights on at their discretion. Unfortunately, to have these parts available out of the box, the RK-1 will have to reach is multiple stretch goals. What it does come with is the Arduino, a dual H-bridge motor controller, battery, acrylic case, wheels, and motors. That is the most basic set of functions and, obviously, it is able to read both digital and analog signals from exterior devices or sensors.

My sole complaint is that the pledge price to pre-order a RK-1 is £150 which makes this less of an impulse purchase. Unfortunately, for a product of this ilk to be successful, it has to become something that can more easily be bought on a budget. Hopefully, the actual pricing can come down to a more competitive price point, and if it does I envision a bright future for the RK-1 and similar products.

Kairobotica Review

Kairobotica Review

Aug 24, 2012

Games in the genre of The Sims and any of the Tycoon games are pretty popular. I’m not sure if people like to have a god complex or the complexity of games like these are what draw people to them. In any case, Kairobotica is a 16bit looking game fitting into the same genre.

The little robot army is tasked with protecting the galaxy. Big job for these little guys. Good thing there are a lot of them. Throughout the game different attacking monsters and other generally bad guys need to be stopped.

Factories can be built to build more little robots to take on patrols to other planets. The bigger the gang on patrol, the better chance of defeating evil doughnuts or other beings striking fear into the hearts of the planet’s inhabitants. Farms can also be constructed to accommodate visitors from other planets. The farms are there to grow food to sell to the visitors. This will make a little income to keep things running and allow for upgrades and travel money for the patrols.

Building more houses will allow for more robots to be made and housed. When there are more robots to take on patrol, there is a much better chance for success. The controls for battling at pretty simple. The turn based action eliminates the need for complicated controls. When on patrol and a fight starts, there is an option to retreat or attack. Once the attack button is pressed, the battle will proceed until someone wins.

As the games progresses new skills are learned to combat the monsters and such. The skills will attack all of the enemies on the screen at once. When the new skills are combined with an Aura, the attacks are a lot more powerful. Another part to take into consideration is reputation. The if people have more respect for the patrols, more missions will be offered.

KickStarter Spotlight: ROBOTA: Vengeance

KickStarter Spotlight: ROBOTA: Vengeance

Mar 2, 2012

Set in the universe from acclaimed film production designer, Doug Chiang, ROBOTA: Vengeance is a game based off the popular ROBOTA illustrated novels, published in 2003. In this fantasy world dinosaurs and fighting robots clash in epic battles and suffer gut wrenching moral quandaries. No, that was not a typo, I did just say “dinosaurs and fighting robots.” ROBOTA is just the typical post-apocalyptic Jurassic Park, I, Robot hybrid, except all the robots are modeled after General Grievous. The artwork for the novel is quite stunning and the early screen shots seem to hold up quite well, especially considering that they are both very early in production and made for mobile devices.

The goal for the production team was to create gameplay similar, and hopefully superior, to the acclaimed Infinity Blade series and wrap it inside this already fully realized world. Like most modern games, character customization is a fundamental element to gameplay as well as the reliance on touch controls so expect a lot of frenetic swiping and tapping. The main story mode begins with a nameless robotic character awakening to find himself abandoned and unaware of his past. The premise for the whole ROBOTA universe is that humans at some point in the future learn how to transcend their mortal bodies for a more rugged machine frame. The book explores the struggle between lust for power and retention of humanity, so expect those themes to become an integral aspect of the game, forcing the player to make tough, moral decisions.

Matching the incredible success and scale of Infinity Blade is a tall order for from an independent studio, but SiXiTS has the manpower; pulling developers who worked on high profile movies games such as Star Wars, Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, FIFA, Need for Speed, and SKATE as well as the aforementioned Doug Chiang. As of this writing this project is still in dire need of some funding and any help is welcomed. Because, come on, DINOSAURS and FIGHTING ROBOTS.