Dubstep Hero Review

Dubstep Hero Review

Mar 6, 2014

Many people, including myself, often ask just what the heck is Dubstep. The simplest explanation is that it’s a form of electronic/techno music that focuses on drum and percussion lines that focus on bass and sub bass frequencies. To some, it’s just a lot of noise. But to a growing number of folks, dubstep is the hottest musical trend, brought into the spotlight like artists such as Skrillex. Despite your feelings on the genre, there is no denying it’s growing popularity and adaptation in contemporary pop music.

Now, some of you will also remember for a moment when rhythm/ band karaoke games were all the rage. Titles such as Rock Band and Guitar Hero were quintessential titles to have if you owned a gaming console. However, those times are a thing of the past, with interest in those games being as great as public opinion of freemium games. But that doesn’t stop some indie devs from making games similar to the old popular rhythm titles, such as Brus Media’s Dubstep Hero, which brings the world of Dubstep to the once loved rhythm game style.


Dubstep Hero uses the familiar 5 different colored circles that designate which notes to hit for whichever song you are playing. Also, just like those two aforementioned console titles, colored notes will come flying at you based on the beat of the song. However, the similarities between the three games end there.

Dubstep Hero is a very watered down version of Rock Band or Guitar Hero. The art and game presentation aren’t all that spectacular. The score and multiplier text are also extremely hard to read, and the game doesn’t give great feedback as to whether or not you actually scored on any notes. This game also has limited features unless you pony up money. If you do unlock the full game, you’ll get the opportunity to import your own tracks, on top of the many tracks you can buy for download. You can also add other customizations, but many can get away without dropping a penny. That is, unless you are a big Dubstep enthusiast.


Dubstep Hero is an alright game for the price and for what it is. As a Rock Band/ Guitar Hero clone, it’s very ordinary, and very much lacking in a lot of options, such as changing the difficulty. The graphics and overall presentation are extremely vanilla and terribly uninspiring. This title just feels so plain, lacking any originality to it, but plenty of wub-wub-wub.