Archangel Review

Archangel Review

Feb 12, 2014

Archangel makes a bit weird impression. Imagine that you’re a woman, waiting for a date whose picture looks absolutely stunning, but he shows up in only his underpants, and with an half-finished bottle of cheap wine. I really think that the way Archangel stands out in the screenshots is what makes you kind of hate it the moment you launch the game and realize that it’s not a nice Diablo clone – and that it’s not a Diablo clone at all – but an awkward action game with repetitive levels and uncomfortable design. With that in mind, I honestly can’t say this game is bad.

Archangel 3
Archangel looks like a great demo for a game that never got past the beta stage and was artificially enlarged to look like it was supposed to look like that from the beginning. I almost wanted to say that it’s kinda good, but then I remembered that it’s not free-to-play, and my opinion changed a bit. Anyway, the game is about some sort of war between angels and demons, with the player being on the light side of the force. It all looks very strange, probably because the game is Chinese. If the awkwardly-translated game story and weird menu design doesn’t show it, then the bloody Chinese coins for currency definitely do. And the translation is really bad. Like, comically, hilariously bad.

The weird-looking archangel, whose name is for some reason unknown, can go around the level, teleport anywhere (which removes any need for walking), and cast charged fireballs. Neither of the actions require mana or recharge, meaning that the battles are mostly won with the player’s abilities. Basically, the whole gameplay consists of teleporting to and away from different groups of enemies and smashing them with fireballs, which, as fun as it sounds, becomes incredibly dull after the first three levels. The levels are vast, but for the most part – incredibly similar-looking. The same can be said for enemies. While there is a number of them, with different behaviors and abilities, it’s difficult to tell them apart.

Although I can’t say that Archangel is completely awful, I do think that it should have been either better developed, or free-to-play. I can’t even think of people to suggest it to. I’m guessing that it’s below average, but there’s no reason for anyone to buy it, really. Although breaking stone pillars and watch as they fall apart is really fun. Maybe they should’ve made the game about that, instead.