Raccoon Rising Review

Raccoon Rising Review

Feb 12, 2013

Raccoon Rising is a nature lover’s dream. It is a animal vs machine story cleverly wrapped in a platform jumping skin.

In this action gamer, our masked critter sees its habitat threatened by dastardly robots, and decides to make a stand. Along the way, it saves other animals, destroys machines and generally kicks butt all the way to the top… and beyond.

The opening cutscene was a generous peek as to what was to come. Clean animation and a beautiful forest seen greeted me. The game itself looked great visually, with plenty of attention seemingly given to backdrop and effects.

I like games that have in-depth tutorials. They make games easier to understand from jump, and the developer included an action-packed one in this. Guided by a winged teacher, I was swiftly able to grasp the game concept and associated tasks.

The object was to use my thumbs to plot out a jumping path as quickly as possible by jumping diagonally from one wall to the other, collecting goodies on the way and battling the clock at the same time. Eventually, I made it to gates which served as save points and were opportunities to see my grade. There were cards to gather, an dangerous obstacles like embedded spikes to avoid. breakables (like barrels) also existed to assist with the opening of gates.

The tutorial also showed me how hold-attack; by long-pressing a breakable for an extra second or two, I could vault myself directly at it. Of course, I had to be careful, because my raccoon could get multi-pricked by spikes with a poorly planned jump. There were advanced strategies too, like jumping to a wall while in midair.

Earned credits can be used to soup up the critter, and future upgrades can be purchased.The game boasted 60 or so levels of varying difficulty.

I gotta say I was pleasantly surprised by Raccoon Rising, and liked the challenge of playing this cross-generational game.