Rope Escape Atlantis Review

Rope Escape Atlantis Review

Sep 19, 2013

It’s one thing to spit out a lot of games in the Android gaming marketplace; another to publish good ones worth playing more than once. In Rope Escape Atlantis, it seems that development house Deemedya has at chance at executing the latter.

The backstory is adjusted a bit from the original. In this one, Atlantis is being destroyed by its legendary catastrophe, and is literally collapsing into the encroaching sea. The is the basis of the 2D environment that makes up most of the graphics; especially, when compared to the original in my mind’s eye, the five environments seem brighter, with usable animations that invoke panic and destruction. Sky looks like sky, water looks like water and atlantis1lava looks like, well, lava.

It’s pretty similar to its predecessor with regards to its basic gameplay. To survive the destruction to Atlantis, our hero uses automatically generated shooting ropes, Spider-Man sidescrolling style, to swing from column to column to… well, anything above the water: stuff like flying column pieces, hot air balloons and more. Mistiming a release, or swinging too low can lead to smacking the water, which ends the run. There are gold coins and powerups like magnets and rockets that can be collected, and there is also a task list.

There are some interesting differences from the original. One is that the ropes in this version are not unlimited; You get only so many missed shots. Additionally, here is a limited amount of lives too, when they run out, more can be bought with real cash, or, alternatively, one can wait half an hour or so for new lives to be generated “naturally” by the game. There are different characters to unlock, and kid-friendly ones that can be utilized. There are extra pets too.

All in all, it’s a nice game that creeps a bit beyond just a “refresh” in terms of its identity.

Rope Escape Review

Rope Escape Review

Nov 21, 2012

Side-scrolling games are a dime a dozen in the app stores these days, and for good reason. They are mostly easy to figure out, present an inordinate amount of play and the quest to break high scores can be addictive.

Rope Escape is a curiously entertaining concoction from Deemedya that will have you thinking of Indian Jones — with genes from Tarzan tossed in for good measure. It is a side scroller with attitude.

The reference to Indiana Jones is not whimsical; the opening scene brought back memories of The Lost Ark. I was transported o a jungle with mean, evil boulder-tossing savages, and had to swing out of harm’s way by springing rope from high object to high object, swinging like a reanimated Tarzan. In this case, the high objects could be trees, blimps (yes, I was somewhat confused) or even the masses of rock initially intended to be my demise.

For the crazy people out there who are not Indy fans, there were other characters, and I reluctantly admit to trying the banana. While I did think the graphics were a bit simplistic, the challenge of the game made up for it.

To play, I started by catapulting myself into the air. The key was to avoid hitting the ground, and to propel myself forward by swinging. Distance earned me coins; there was also an irregular line of coins above the tree canopy. Timing was everything; if I waited to long to deploy my rope, I ran the risk of getting too low and slamming into the ground. Too early, and I missed my target fulcrum. Swinging into one of the rewards (like a rocket) got me time-limited powers. There were three modes: regular gameplay, Time Attack (self explanatory) and Rope Limit, which gave you a limited number of ropes. These were features which I thought encouraged competition.

Clearly, the idea is to garner as much coinage as possible, which could used to buy stuff that made the game easier. I was offered a pretty good amount for linking to Facebook, so the developer is looking to encourage the social aspect. I could even use the coins to get rid of ads. Of course, I could purchase coins with real money, but it was possible to progress without real cash.

I played this game way more than necessary. Enough said.