Royal Revolt 2 Adds New Hero Items for Better Monarchy Battling

Royal Revolt 2 Adds New Hero Items for Better Monarchy Battling

May 29, 2014

Royal Revolt 2 has a big new update available. There’s now “Granny with the Beast,” a new shop for hero items, which can help give players the advantage they need to be victorious. There’s claimed to be thousands of combinations to deck out one’s monarch in the field of battle. The update is available now on all platforms, including Google Play. Read our review here.

Royal Revolt 2 Review

Royal Revolt 2 Review

Mar 21, 2014

Royal Revolt 2 does a good job of making the player feel like a king. As one of a huge number of feuding kingdoms providing subjects with food and gold is just as important as raising armies to plunder enemies and gain more power.

Screenshot_2014-03-20-04-33-58Royal Revolt 2 follows the tried and true Clash of Clans formula, at least as far as building up a kingdom. Players will partake in all the familiar tropes for this genre, such as constructing and upgrading resource buildings to generate resources, which are then used to build new buildings and upgrade existing ones in a never ending snowball of economic growth.

A big difference however is that military doesn’t need to be created as such. Once a unit type is researched at the academy, that type can be summoned at any point in battle at no cost.

Once on the battlefield, Royal Revolt 2 plays like a bizarre reversal of tower defence. The king and a cadre of troops need to muscle their way through whatever defenses the opponent has set up to stop them, as well as several waves of troops. The king can be controlled directly and a series of icons are used to summon troops to the battle. A constantly replenishing meter shows how many points are available for troops and summoning a troop uses up points.

Screenshot_2014-03-20-14-59-08Smashing though an opponent’s defenses is great fun, there are towers, traps, waves of enemy troops and more to break through and the king is a powerful warrior, so using him well is key to victory. Several spells can also be used to tip the balance and these range from healing spells to weaving clouds of toxic gas.

Troop AI is decent, but not great. Soldiers feel much like the ones in Clash of Clans in that they typically attack the first thing they see regardless of if something more dangerous like a guard tower is around. They also cannot be directly controlled or told to follow you, so they can’t be told to move out of the way of attacks or made to go a certain way, which can be annoying.

Of course Royal Revolt 2 has a few freemium annoyances. There is plenty of waiting during building construction and battles are limited by the kingdom’s food supply, which builds up quite slowly. Still, there are no annoying energy systems or insurmountable paywalls and there is loads of gameplay on offer for free. The game rewards smart strategic choices and they’re usually more important than who spends the most.

Royal Revolt 2 looks and sounds great. Battles are cool to watch and it’s fun to see the kingdom take shape as well. The sound is very well done, with plenty of clangs and dings and the ever satisfying sound of resources building up. For a free game Royal Revolt 2 is presented very well indeed.

Royal Revolt 2 is an excellent, original game with a lot of depth and some great ideas. It’s worth a very close look for any RTS fan.